August- September 2018 Harvest

Fresh Garlands£29 (inc p+p)

The best of both worlds. Fresh for a month and then drying out naturally lasting upto a year. Reserve your Fresh Hops for the coming season today! Choose a specific delivery date at checkout. Our fresh hop garlands are vibrantly green in colour and offer a uniquely natural floral display. We select each fresh hop-vine by eye, picking them by hand to ensure only the fullest, ripest vines are selected.

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The best of both worlds, you get a fresh garland for 1-2 months which slowly dry out to the dried form and last just as long. You can reserve Fresh Hops now for the coming season now, we advise choosing a delivery date in September for fuller aromas if you can. When you place your order we will take payment immediately giving you peace of mind your Fresh Hops are paid and reserved for you. When you get to checkout you will be asked to choose a delivery date during harvest in August – September.

Each individual fresh hop vine consists of two or three stems that have grown up together around a natural coconut string. They grow to approximately 2.5-3.0 metres long and 20 cm-30 cm wide.

All fresh hop vines are dispatched by our 24 hour delivery courier ensuring you receive them in the finest, freshest condition straight from our hop gardens. You will need to unpack and hang your fresh vine as soon as it arrives. If you have to wait more than 12 hours before hanging your Fresh Hop treat them like fresh flowers. Be delicate with them, put the ends in a bucket of water and keep them out of the sun and hot conditions.

Ordering well in advance of harvest will ensure you are not disappointed.

Kiln Dried£29 (inc p+p)

These last upto a year, the same as the Fresh. The only difference is the look for the first month. Reserve today for Harvest 2018. Using our historic red brick oast kilns we preserve our hop vines to a sage green finish. Each garland measures 2.5-3m in length. Each dried hop vine is then individually checked before being packaged by hand. They make the perfect rustic finish for a wedding, fireplace or window.

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You are ordering for the 2018 Harvest in September.

Each kiln dried hop garland consists of two or three hop stems that have grown up around a naturally produced coir coconut string. The garlands grow to approximately 2.5-3 m long and 20 cm-30 cm wide before being hand picked and dried in our traditional Oast kilns.

When they arrive check the condition of your garland to ensure they have not dried out in transit. If the individual hops reform when gently closed in the palm of your hand, your Dried Hops are ready to hang immediately! If the individual Hops completely shatter when gently closed in the palm of your hand, open the lid wide and leave the hops overnight in a a damp dark cellar or garage and they will quickly re-condition.