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Fresh Hop Vines£23

Our fresh hop garlands are vibrantly green in colour and offer a uniquely natural floral display. We select each fresh hop-vine by eye, picking them by hand to ensure only the fullest, ripest vines are selected. You will need to pick your choice of delivery date at checkout.

Price £23 Per hop vine
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Fresh Hops Order Information

They become available as they ripen during hop harvest time from the middle of August to the middle of September each year. Each individual fresh hop vine consists of two or three stems that have grown up together around a natural string. They grow to approximately 2.5-3.0 metres long and 20 cm-30 cm wide.

All fresh hop vines are dispatched by our 24 hour delivery courier ensuring you receive them in the finest, freshest condition straight from our hop gardens. You will need to unpack and hang your fresh vine as soon as it arrives.

Ordering in advance of harvest will ensure you are not disappointed. No payment will be taken until your fresh hop is dispatched during harvest. Please make your selection here.

Kiln Dried Hop Vines£27

Using our historic red brick oast kilns we preserve our hop vines to a sage green finish. Each dried hop vine is then individually checked before being packaged by hand. This process ensures the highest standards are maintained.

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Price £27 Per hop vine
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Dried Hops Order Information

Each kiln dried hop vine consists of two or three hop stems that have grown up around a natural string. These vines grow to approximately 3 m long and 20 cm-30 cm wide before being dried in our oast kiln.

We will not take payment until your dried hop vine is dispatched. Ordering in advance of harvest will ensure you are not disappointed. Following harvest we usually send out our courier each week. We will process your order with our next available courier service unless you have a precise delivery date in mind, in which case just drop us an email or give us a call. Dried hops are usually sent by our 48 hour courier service unless you specifically request a 24 hour service at checkout. Please make your selection above.