Farm Update Covid-19 all our products are available to pre-order for harvest 2020 now.

Welcome to Hukins Hop Farm

Hukins Hops is a fourth generation farm that has been specialising in hop growing for over 120 years. We are based in the Weald of Kent where the growing of hop garlands forms an iconic part of our local landscape and heritage.

We grow and sell two distinct products at Hukins Hops, green and dried hops for decoration and niche aroma heritage hops for brewing.

You can order both fresh and dried hop bines for decoration on our order now page today. If you have questions please email Glenn at or call us on 01580 292 252.

We cultivate our hop garlands using traditional techniques; growing and picking each hop garland by hand. We will individually pick and hand pack your ‘Hukins Hops’ before delivery to your door.

Our Fresh Hop Garlands are available for delivery from mid-August to mid-September but we encourage you to order well in advance to beat the harvest rush. Our Dried Hop Garlands are available from September until stocks last so again pre-order today please.

Explore our site for inspiration and to see what others thought, or simply order now. For Brewing hops visit the Brewery section of our website.