Harvest is coming…

With the harvest soon approaching there is one employee that has been hard at work every day for the past 55 years, never had a day off, always on time and never seems to grumble. Some days he may have to stop for a breather without warning and it does take some time to coax him back into action, but when he’s up and running its full steam ahead. Introducing the picking machine, 5 tons of pure hop picking steel. Continue reading “Harvest is coming…”

Fuggle – quintessentially Kent

Winner of the IBD National Hop Awards 2016. Our Fuggle variety dates back to 1875 and was the first true Weald of Kent hop variety. It has achieved international acclaim from brewers, heavily in demand in the US Craft Market and offers medium intensity with minty and earthy notes. It has an alpha bittering range of 4 to 6.5%.

Introduced to the market by Richard Fuggle of Benchly Kent in 1861 it has since then gone on to form a dynasty of hops as it is grown in Slovenia as Styrian Goldings and in the USA as Oregon Fuggle.
Fuggle is a low to moderate yielding aroma variety that matures early to mid-season. With its use as the main brewing hop with many big breweries as it gives off a full-bodied flavour for which English Ales became famous for. It’s this characteristic that has made it a main stay in British hop growing for over 130 years.

Here at Hukins Hops are one of the last surviving Fuggle growers in Kent as it is grown primarily grown in Herefordshire and Worcestershire after many of the Kent farms became infected with Verticillium Wilt. But the fuggle on the farm withstood this meaning we are the oldest growers in the country and keeping the county where it was founded.

Breaking News : The ‘Hukins Hop’ Is Re-discovered!

On a trip to the British Hop Library, alongside its manager and curator Dr. Peter Darby (shown here with my father Peter),

we have discovered there is an existing hop called….’HUKINS HOP’. There is just one male plant in the library remaining.

Thinking through old hand written records our family name jumped out the pages!

Propagated by Dr Ernest Salmon some 62 years ago at Wye Hops, it was named after my Grandfather Walter Douglas (Peter) Hukins (shown in the b&w photo on the left) when he worked as a volunteer in propagation alongside Dr.Salmon.

We have taken cuttings and propagated (replicated) some Hukins Hops show here in our prorogation greenhouse. We plan to cross the Hukins Hops with a female and create Hukins Hops Junior as a modern aroma hop. The whole process will take a few years so bear with us.

The Hukins Hop is coming………