Harvest is coming…

With the harvest soon approaching there is one employee that has been hard at work every day for the past 55 years, never had a day off, always on time and never seems to grumble. Some days he may have to stop for a breather without warning and it does take some time to coax him back into action, but when he’s up and running its full steam ahead. Introducing the picking machine, 5 tons of pure hop picking steel.

Manufactured in the early 1960’s this Rotabank has been on the farm for over half a century stripping over 100,000 hop bines every harvest and readying 40 tons of hop cones for drying in the kilns. The noise and smell of this process alone is enough to sum up every aspect of hop picking.

With workers either side of the machine hanging hops on to the rails going into the picker, and then loading the hops in to pokes the other side ready to transfer into the kilns. The whole harvest is a perfect example of how man and machine work together to great effect.