Stringing you along in January

With the Christmas break behind us and the new year celebrated, we can now start looking towards the 2018 harvest. With vital repairs to the gardens and soil treatment carried out the next stage is Stringing.

The process of stringing is more like an art form with many people who try failing, It’s a process that you can or can’t do, there is no middle ground. It is a skilful job to ensure that a continuous length of string is strung over each hop plant in the hop garden, and with over 100,000 plants, that’s a lot of string.

String is strung between the ground (attached to hill pegs) and hooks on the wires, forming a V shape. This allows the hop shoots in the soil to climb up the string and get as close to the sun as they can.

Click the link below to watch a video on how it’s done and enter hop picking history, featuring a guest appearance from Walter Douglas Hukins (Peter) grandfather to Ross, judging the competition about 2m 25s into the film.

Click here to watch the film on hop-stringing 

Glenn Whatman