New Hop Garden

Since spring last year we have been busy on the farm getting the new hop garden (‘Walters’) named after Ross’ Grandfather, ready for the 2018 season.

With the hop poles up, wire work done, it is now time to plant the garden with over 10,000 ‘cut staps’ this is no small task and takes a team of 10 to complete.

We plan to plant Goldings and Ernest in the new garden, using a traditional cut strap technique. This involves taking the ‘new wood’ of the hop plant, the strong tree like part found partially underground, from an already established plant and transferring in to the new garden. We plan to use last year’s Golding’s plants from house garden and the Ernest from the nursery (See 20th Julys blog). This age old practise makes sure the hop plants get a great start in life, making sure we have strong shoots ready for training.