Life on Mars

With January slowly dragging its feet, spring seems further away than ever so we thought everybody needs a little cheering up.

So here at Hukins Hops, we thought we could put your minds at ease and answer that question everybody asks, “If we ever had to leave this planet and vacate to one of our closest neighbours, would we be able to make beer?“. Well, we found a little article published by our friends in the USA which will have every beer drinker on this planet jumping for joy.

Students at the University of Villanova USA have been recreating Martain soil under the supervision of professor Edward F.Guinan in a study to see if cultivation is possible on the red planet, and so far results have been very positive.

Follow this link to the New York Times article and see for yourself,

Now all we need to do is find someone to build a hop garden on the surface and I’ll start packing my bags.