First days of spring

Spring has officially arrived and with it brings, in our opinion, the best seasonal ales. With the winter becoming longer and colder it seems a lifetime ago that pubs dedicated a hand pump too stouts, ruby’s and porters and by march a much-needed change is more than welcome.

So a light hoppy ale is the perfect replacement for that heavy overly bitter stout, and breweries all over the country produce an ale to welcome the sun, warmer temperatures and the start of new life.

Here are a few to look out for in pub and alehouses here in Kent and the surrounding areas.

Cellar Head

Our first seasonal beer of the year is now ready! This refreshing straw coloured pale ale has amazing aromas of tropical fruits and grapefruits with alight bitterness courtesy of the Ernest, Challenger hops.

Old Dairy Brewery

Spring has sprung! Leap into springtime with this delicious and extremely quaffable pale ale. Spring Top is perfectly balanced with a firm bitterness from locally grown Fuggles and Goldings hops with a smooth, malty base.


Naturally hazy wheat beer

Bexley brewery

Our FOUR SEASONS RANGE,  from light to dark, perfect for the changing seasons. A golden amber Pale Ale, with a soft taste & aroma of melon and oranges. Fresh tasting, just like Spring!


Our new Spring Summer refresher may only be 2.9% in strength but it lacks none of the malt and hop flavours expected of an English style pale ale. A Combination of the new English Ernest hop and the established German mittelfruh hop provide for a refreshing, crisp seasonal beer.