Propagation Station Update: Moving time

Greenhouse filled with hops

With the hops rooting nicely on the bench having been given a helping hand in life from the warm temperature and mist, it’s time to pot them  and harden them up.

Satisfied that they have had long enough on the bench and that they are strong enough to leave the comfort of the lovely little micro climate they are so used too, the hops are potted on into an individual pot to ready them for their new life in the hop garden. This is done outside the green house by giving them time under the oak tree, shading them from the more intense sunlight and the hard hitting rain the will face in the hop garden, but at the same time getting used to the inclement weather that this country is renowned for.

Then once hardened up they are ready for their new home in the hop garden, each painstakingly planted by a team of 7 workers.  Every new hop planted is given its own poly tunnel, helping it grow by keeping it sheltered from the wind, keeping in the warmth and away from hungry rabbits. Then all we can do is sit back and wait for mother nature to do the rest.