New Hop Garden

A few months back we posted a blog about the names of the various fields of the farm and how they came about.

Well you’ll be please to know that one of them is now being turned in to a brand new hop garden!

The field chosen for this is the wonderfully named ‘Bean’ field, not a nod to the comedy character played by Rowen Atkinson, but named after the vegetable which was grown by Ross’s dad Peter, years ago in this very field.

This week we started marking out the rows and planting the 4000 hops by hand, with cane’s and protectors to help ensure they survive the winter. We hope to compete the garden after harvest with the next job being the additions of poles and wirework.

With the right weather and a lot of dedication we hope the garden will flourish, bringing with it new varieties to the farm and into beers all over the UK.