Farm Walk

On Tuesday night we welcomed farmers from all over Kent onto the farm for an evening walk and talk. The event was very well attended, but we don’t know if people came for the walk or the beer and the bbq afterwards.

We first started with an introduction to the farm by Ross, then aided by a rub and sniff of one of our varieties, the talk was accompanied by a sample of beer made with ours hops.

Then people enjoyed a light walk down to one of our newly planted gardens where Ross continued the talk helped by the fledgling plants. After the new gardens it was off to the more established ‘big left’ garden to show our visitors some older plants and give them a better understanding of the life of a hop.

To end the tour Ross showed the group ,round the picking machine and up into the 1940’s oast where we dry and press our hops. Afterwards it was back to the back to the bbq where George from the NFU, the organisers of this tour, was waiting with a beer and burger for our lovely guests.

We would like to thank everybody who came on the tour for attending and we hope you all had a good time!!!