A month of green hop festivities

Our apologies for the lack of blogging lately, but the small mater of the harvest got in the way!!

Despite the summer drought and the cloudy august the condition of the hops this year was second to none. And with more breweries than ever taking part in the green hop festival, this means more of you get to sample our quality hops.

Kent Green Hop Beer fortnight is your chance to taste newly released beers made from just-harvested hops produced by over 30 of Kent’s finest brewers. Usually this celebration runs from the end of September right the way through October. Wherever you go make sure you look out for the green hopped beers on the hand pumps in many pubs around Kent.

So if you’ve got the thirst for something seasonal and want to know what each individual hop bitters, smells and tastes like. We recommended heading to one of the biggest green hop beer festivals of the year at Spa Valley railway, Tonbridge wells. With over 30 green hop beers you will be spoilt for choice!!

Follow the links below to hep track down festivities near you!