Once again a beer brewed with Hukins hops very own Bullion has won the SPA Valley beer festival!!!

Breweries using our bullion came 1st and 3rd in the green hop category of this year’s festival, once again proving how amazing the aroma profile of this hop is.

Bullion winner of the High Aroma Intensity Award and Overall Champion of the IBD National Hop Awards 2017 is an English heritage hop. We introduced Bullion on the farm as an aroma Hop in 2014.  Although traditionally used in the early 1920’s as a dual hop in bitters, stouts and porters this has somewhat changed in recent years. It has strong zesty aromas of oranges and lemons, coming from its North American parentage, making stunning notes for both IPA’s and Pale Ales. And has proved to be a very popular choice for breweries wanting something different come harvest time for their green hop beers.

So a big well done to Old dairy for taking gold and Fivepoints bronze in what seemed to be a hugely competitive year. And a massive thank you to all the breweries that used our green hops to produce some lovely harvest beers.