The art of stringing


Its that time of year again. Spring on its way the only way is up for our hops, which have sat dormant over the winter months conserving thier energy ready for the warmer times ahead.


With this in mind, its time to start stringing. With the hope that by spring all off the gardens will be finished and awaiting the first shoots of the 2019 crop. And with 11 gardens and over 50 acres to string its no small job.

All it takes is one man, a pole and a bag, to work his way through miles and miles of string, getting the garden ready for the hops to start on thier upward journey. But this job is not for the faint hearted, getting the technique right and to be able to work at a consistant speed is something of an art. And is not everybodys cup of tea.

Here’s an old clip from the 1961 stringing competition making it look easy. These days there is less brylcream but the method hasnt changed a bit.

Watch this space for the upcoming Hukins hops Stringing compitition!!!!