Pre-order your Decorative Hop garlands now.







We are now just 11 weeks away from the first fresh dispatches of the season, and time is ticking fast!!


This year our fresh and dried  garlands cost £35 and as usual our 24hr delivery service is free of charge. And of cause you can order and collect garlands during harvest too.

Just choose your preffered fresh delivery date at checkout on the website deliverydate, with a 1 hour window delivery slot for your convenience.


This year’s dates are;


·         August 16th
·         August 20th
·         August 23rd
·         August 28th
·         August 30th
·         September 3rd
·         September 6th
·         September 10th
·         September 13th


If you require a date outside of these please drop us an email to or call 01580 292 252 we’ll be happy to help.