Breaking News : The ‘Hukins Hop’ Is Re-discovered!

On a trip to the British Hop Library, alongside its manager and curator Dr. Peter Darby (shown here with my father Peter),

we have discovered there is an existing hop called….’HUKINS HOP’. There is just one male plant in the library remaining.

Thinking through old hand written records our family name jumped out the pages!

Propagated by Dr Ernest Salmon some 62 years ago at Wye Hops, it was named after my Grandfather Walter Douglas (Peter) Hukins (shown in the b&w photo on the left) when he worked as a volunteer in propagation alongside Dr.Salmon.

We have taken cuttings and propagated (replicated) some Hukins Hops show here in our prorogation greenhouse. We plan to cross the Hukins Hops with a female and create Hukins Hops Junior as a modern aroma hop. The whole process will take a few years so bear with us.

The Hukins Hop is coming………

Is digging holes exciting?

YES!  This week we dug in 90 anchor rods for our new hop garden. Thank you to all the team involved. The 6 foot steel rods are buried in the ground like ten pegs used to strain up the wire and hold the garden up when a full hop crop is weighing it down…

The next step will be to erect 600 hop poles before we start attaching the wire that will bear all the crops weight!

The garden has been historically known as 6 acres, but we have measured it and its actually around 5.5 acres. Therefore we think we need a new name for our new hop garden…please post ideas on Facebook for the new gardens name and if your idea is the best we will send you a free Fresh Hop Garland for decoration in August….check out what you could win here or order now!

We are hiring! New member of the team at Hukins Hops.

This week we wanted to congratulate and welcome Nathan Newick to our growing business.

After a 4 month trial Nathan has exceeded expectations and we now welcome him formally as a full time member of the team at Hukins Hops. Nathan lives on the farm and is responsible for day to day cultivation and disease control in the Hop gardens. Coming from a top fruit background he is quickly adapting to the challenges of hop growing and enjoying his new role.

He says “”Really enjoying being involved in all aspects of Hop growing, being part of the team on this family owned and run farm, developing new skills and feeling part of an age old tradition.”

As you can see from the photos he has been working in a newly planted garden where are just finishing the planting of 5000 Golding Hop plants. This traditional heritage English aroma variety is extremely popular with brewers both at home and in America and makes a beautifully presented Fresh hop garland.

We are also hiring for a part time sales role at Hukins hops over the summer with flexible hours, a great office to work from and a great team. If you are interested get in touch with

A warm hello from your hop growers!

We are now just 12 weeks away from the first Fresh dispatches of the season. This year for simplicity both dried and fresh garlands (2.5-3m length) are both just £29 each including delivery (no VAT).

We are pleased to announce this year’s delivery dates for Fresh Garlands. Just choose your delivery date at checkout on the website and you will receive email and mobile notifications the day prior and on the day of delivery with a 1 hour window delivery slot for your convenience;

This year’s dates are;

·         August 17th
·         August 22nd
·         August 24th
·         August 30th
·         September 1st
·         September 5th
·         September 7th
·         September 12th
·         September 14th.

If you require a date outside of this please drop us an email to or call 01580 292 252.

Please reserve your hop garlands for this season now and avoid the harvest rush!