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Our IBD award winning hops are available direct for home brewing today. Finish your beer with hops grown on our historic farm.
Home Brew
Home Brew Hukins Hops

Homebrewing has become an increasingly popular pastime for beer lovers, creatives and experimenters alike. If you’re looking to create a home brew with a professional flair, choose wonderfully rich award-winning hops! 

Hops are the key flavour ingredient for any home brew, and our varieties of English hops with an impressive terroir; reflecting the rich heritage of the Kent countryside.  For over 100 years we have been growing British hop garlands on the unique ‘terroir’ in the Weald of Kent. Our varieties include intense apricot from Ernest, oranges from Bullion and the classic English flavours of Fuggle, Golding’s and Challenger amongst others. We also supply ‘green’ fresh hop cones for seasonal green beers during harvest time.

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