Dried Hop Garlands

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£64.00 (incl. P&P)

Dried hop garlands are the perfect take on the traditional aesthetic, allowing you to have a hop garland floral decoration for all seasons! Using our oast kilns we preserve our hop vines to a sage green finish.

Each hop garland measures 2.5-3m in length and will last around a year in the correct conditions. Whether used as a decorative element in your home or business, or as an aromatic backdrop for special occasions such as dried flowers for weddings, our beautiful Kiln Dried Hop Garlands promise to elevate your space and bring the outdoors in.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, while knowing our carbon-negative practices on the farm ensure that the delightful scents you enjoy today, are enjoyed for generations to come.

If you are ordering more than 10 garlands, then please email louisa@hukins-hops.co.uk for further information.



Buy Dried Hop Garlands Online – Perfect for Home Décor and Weddings

Decorate your home, pub, restaurant or even your wedding with our dried hop garlands (also known as hop bines and hop vines) available for delivery after Harvest time every year.  Dried garlands allow you to have a hop garland floral decoration all year round! Using our kilns we preserve our hop bines to a beautiful sage green finish. Each hop garland measures 2.5-3m in length.


Transform your space with our premium dried hop garlands. Ideal for home decorations, pubs, restaurants, and weddings, these garlands offer a timeless rustic charm. Each garland is kiln-dried to preserve its natural beauty and aromatic qualities, making them a year-round favourite.

Product Details

  • Length: 2.5-3 metres
  • Colour: Sage green, transitioning to golden brown
  • Longevity: Lasts up to one year in optimal conditions
  • Price: £64.00 (including P&P)


  1. Versatile Décor: Perfect for various settings, including home interiors, wedding venues, and restaurants.
  2. Sustainable Farming: Our hop garlands are produced with carbon-negative practices, ensuring environmental sustainability.
  3. Handcrafted Quality: Each garland is handmade, using naturally grown coir coconut strings, ensuring a unique and durable product.

Enhance your décor with our beautiful dried hop garlands.

Order more than 10 garlands and contact us at louisa@hukins-hops.co.uk for bulk discounts. Local collection is available.

Do you live local? If so, we are pleased to let you know we can offer you collection from our farm giving you more control on days/times that work best for you. Please email louisa@hukins-hops.co.uk for further information.

Fresh garlands are also available to buy and they dry out over time after being installed and effectively offer both products in one, lasting just as long once dried.  Fresh are easier to install compared to dried hop garlands as they are less likely to shed.

Delivery of Pre-Harvest Reserve Orders: Your order will be dispatched as soon as the hops are ready in September unless you request a specific delivery date at the time of ordering.

Delivery of Post Harvest Orders: While stocks last, orders made from October 1st onwards are dispatched each Monday arriving Tuesday. If you need the hops on a specific date just get in touch during or after placing your order. Once we are out of stock you will have the option to “Reserve Now” to avoid missing out on next seasons harvest. Your reserved dried garland will then be delivered during our next harvest. Each kiln dried hop garland consists of two or three hop stems that have grown up around a naturally produced coir coconut string.

The garlands grow to approximately 2.5-3 m long and 20 cm-30 cm wide before being hand picked and dried in our traditional Oast kilns.  When they arrive check the condition of your garlands to ensure they have not dried out in transit. If the individual hops reform when gently closed in the palm of your hand, your dried hops are ready to hang immediately! If the individual hops completely shatter when gently closed in the palm of your hand, open the lid wide and leave the hops overnight in a damp dark cellar or garage and they will quickly re-condition.

Dried Wedding Flowers

 In recent years, the allure of dried flowers for weddings has surged, with couples seeking a blend of beauty, longevity, and a touch of whimsy for their special day. Among the myriad of options, dried hop garlands stand out for their unique appeal, seamlessly infusing rustic charm and a vintage vibe into wedding décor. Dried hop garlands are a distinctive choice, evoking a sense of warmth and nostalgia. Their lush, cascading vines create a statement piece, whether used as a focal point above the altar, draped along the reception tables, or adorning the entrance to the venue. The natural, earthy tones of the hops blend beautifully with other dried flowers and greenery, making them a versatile addition to any wedding theme, from bohemian to rustic or traditional.

Incorporating Dried Hop Garlands into Your Wedding

  • Ceremony Backdrop: Create an unforgettable backdrop by hanging dried hop garlands at the ceremony site. They can frame the couple as they say their “I dos” and provide a stunning setting for photographs.
  • Reception Decor: Use hop garlands to add a touch of nature to your reception. They can be strung across ceilings, wrapped around beams, or laid down the centre of banquet tables amidst candles and other dried flowers for wedding tablescapes.
  • Bouquets and Boutonnieres: For a cohesive look, incorporate elements of dried hops into the bridal bouquet and groom’s boutonniere. Mixing hops with dried flowers such as lavender, roses, and eucalyptus creates a sophisticated and aromatic arrangement.
  • Venue Entrance: Welcome your guests with a dramatic entrance by decorating doors or archways with lush hop garlands. This sets the tone for the event and introduces the rustic theme right from the start.

Dried hop garlands offer a unique and memorable way to incorporate dried flowers into your wedding. Their natural elegance and versatility make them a popular choice among couples looking to add a rustic, personalised touch to their celebration. By integrating these charming elements into your wedding décor, you create an atmosphere filled with warmth and romance that you and your guests will remember for years to come.

Gift Vouchers

Why not grab a gift a Hukins Hops Gift Voucher that can be used on home brew hops, hop farm tours and hop garlands. Vouchers never expire and can be purchased from £1 and upwards.



Dried hops are kiln dried before being boxed and sent out to you on your preferred delivery day. When the dried hop arrives carefully take it out of the box and lay it out on a clean surface removing any fallen or unwanted leaf or stem length. Then hang immediately in a position clear of disturbance.

They are a brittle but versatile product and can easily be wrapped around beams or columns. Real care must be taken but you can expect some shattering. Do not leave it unhung for long and never leave it in the box once it arrives.

Please remember to wear gloves and long sleeves when hanging to avoid the risk of scratches or skin irritation.

The hop stems are relatively strong, nails hooks and wire can all be used for hanging. Use dust sheets to avoid a lengthy clean up and any stain from hop flower pollen!


Never leave your garland in its box for long periods. They should be hung as soon as they arrive like fresh flowers. Follow the instructions below on handling and hanging. Kiln dried vines should be opened and hung as soon as possible, if they must be stored for a short period, open the box and store in a cool dry place. If the kiln dried vine appears exceptionally dry it can be stored in a slightly damp place where it will take in some moisture for a short period (overnight) prior to hanging.


Green fresh hop vines are a vibrant bright fresh green colour whilst our kiln dried vines are a more reserved sage green. Both will stay green for up to 1 year, they will slowly turn a golden brown under lights.


Each hop garland consists of two or three hop stems that have wrapped themselves up and grown around a naturally made coconut coir string. The vine grows to approximately 2.5-3 metres long and will be roughly 20cm – 30cm wide. Being a natural product they do vary, so please use this as a guide only. We only sell the full length Garlands but they are easy to trim down or cut up for small decorations.