Wet Hops

Discover the potential of hidden brewing oils in a green hop beer this season
Wet Hops

At harvest time at Hukins Hops we love to celebrate the strength and quality of British Hops by opening up our doors and incouraging brewers, homebrewers and landlords to experiment with Wet Hop beers.

History & Heritage

Wet Hops not only celebrate the history and heritage of hop picking in Kent but they give an opportunity to make a special unique hop forward beer that can send the message to ‘buy british’ direct to the consumer by demonstrating orgin and provenance on the pump clip.

If you’re interested,  enquire today, give us a call or visit us to discuss your wet hop brew. Why not enter your finished brew into one of the many Green Hop specialist craft beer festivals. Check out our friends at the Kent Green Hop Festival to learn more about how you can make some noise by winning a Green hop award.