Wet Hops For Brewing

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    A growing trend around the brewing world is the use of wet hops to make a seasonal beer. Want to find out more? Contact us today.

    Rather than dry and preserve the hops, we send out these fresh whole cones to add to the boil during harvest. The fresh hops contain lighter hop oils usually lost during the drying process giving each variety a different characterstic to its normal dried version.  Supporting wet hops help to promote UK hop growers and thier vital role in the UK Brewing scene as well as giving publicans a point of difference, to celebrate early Autumn with a harvest festival – craft beer style. If you have’nt had a go make space in your calendar now to squeeze a harvest wet beer in this year.

    As the hops dont last, time is of the essence to get these back to the brewery and into the brew. For more information, advice and to find out how this can work for you, get in touch with our team today.


    What are Wet Hops?

    Wet hops are simply fresh hop cones, picked on the day of harvest and brewed by you either on the same day or next day

    Can I choose my variety?

    This depends on the harvest dates, you will need to work closely with us, we can give you good ideas on harvest windows for each hop type

    How much should i order?

    Because they arent pressed and dried and have a larger water content, you need to order greater amounts than a normal recipe, but we we can help with hopping rates so just drop us a line

    When are they available?

    Harvest begins in mid to late August until the end of September, so there is roughly a months window to factor in your harvest wet beer brew this season