Fruity Brews Unveiled: Explore Beer with Fruits

Delve into the vibrant world of beer with fruits, discovering how citrus, berries, and tropical tones can transform a classic pint.
Fruity Brews Unveiled: Explore Beer with Fruits

Fruity brews are loved by many beer fans. These beers mix fruits with beer for new and exciting tastes. Whether it’s citrus, tropical fruits, or berries, these beers make drinking a joy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Beer with fruits adds a unique and refreshing twist to traditional brews.
  • Citrus-infused, tropical, and berry-flavored beers are among the popular varieties.
  • Fruity craft beers offer a vibrant and delightful drinking experience.
  • Exploring fruit-flavored beers allows you to indulge in a range of tastes and aromas.
  • From mango to berries, there’s a fruity craft beer to suit every palate.

Shepherd Neame Introduces Creekside: A Fruity Session IPA

Shepherd Neame, a Kent-based independent brewer, has launched Creekside. It’s a limited edition beer bursting with summer fruit flavors. Using Bramling Cross and Callista hops, it gets a sweet touch. The Callista hop, new to the scene, brings in raspberry and blackcurrant notes. Creekside stands out with its full taste, thanks to Caramalt, wheat, and a bit of chocolate malt. Its name and look celebrate Faversham Creek, once a bustling trading port and now a wildlife sanctuary.

Shepherd Neame: A Legacy in Brewing

Since 1698, Shepherd Neame has been known for its rich brewing heritage. This family business has kept a promise of quality and innovation for over 300 years. Their latest brew, Creekside, is a testament to their ongoing excellence. With their skilled brewing, Shepherd Neame continues to impress beer lovers everywhere.

The Craftsmanship Behind Creekside

Creekside reflects Shepherd Neame’s focus on quality and their brew-mastery. They choose only the best ingredients for a standout drink. The selected Bramling Cross and Callista hops give it unique raspberry and blackcurrant scents. These, mixed with Caramalt, wheat, and some chocolate malt, make Creekside’s flavor rich and well-rounded. This beer is a showcase of Shepherd Neame’s commitment to top-notch fruity IPAs.

A Nod to Faversham Creek

The Creekside beer tips its hat to Faversham Creek, a historic trading spot near the brewery. Today, this creek is a wildlife refuge and a draw for nature fans. The beer’s name and packaging echo the charm and natural beauty of Faversham Creek. Enjoying Creekside offers a taste adventure and a connection to this scenic locale and its history.

Limited Edition Enjoyment

Creekside’s limited release makes it even more special and sought after. It’s an invitation to savor every drop and treasure the unique taste journey it provides. Beer aficionados will likely quickly snap up this limited edition brew. They value the dedication and detailed craftsmanship Shepherd Neame puts into all their beers.

Don’t miss the chance to enjoy Creekside’s fruity flavors. This beer is a masterpiece from Shepherd Neame, reflecting their unwavering passion and expertise in brewing.

JUBEL Pioneers the Fruit Lager Trend

JUBEL, a UK-based brewery, leads the fruit lager movement with its exceptional beer. The beer is inspired by the demi-pêche tradition. Founder Jesse Wilson discovered the demi-pêche, a lager with peach, in the French Alps. This discovery thrilled him. He wanted to introduce this unique taste to the UK. After two years of hard work, JUBEL created a perfect fruit lager. It’s a mix of fruit and crisp beer.

JUBEL’s fruit lager stands out for its juicy yet crisp taste. It has a perfect balance, thanks to selected fruits. Each sip gives a burst of fruit without overwhelming the beer taste. It’s great for anyone wanting a refreshing, friendly beer.

“JUBEL’s fruit lager changes the craft beer world. It mixes the demi-pêche tradition with new brewing methods. This creates a delicious and unique beer. It’s a must-try for beer lovers seeking something refreshing yet crisp.”

– Craft Beer Monthly

JUBEL’s fruit lager is loved by many. Its unique taste and the balance of fruit with crispness make JUBEL a leader in the fruit lager trend. Whether you’re enjoying the sun or longing for summer, JUBEL’s fruit lager is the perfect choice.

The Fruit Lager Collection

Explore JUBEL’s exciting fruit lager range:

JUBEL AlpineA mix of crisp beer and grapefruit for a tangy, refreshing drink.
JUBEL UrbanThis lager blends with elderflower for floral notes and a crisp end.
JUBEL CoastIt tastes like summer, mixing beer with peaches for a juicy drink.

Start your journey with JUBEL’s fruit lagers. Every sip invites you to a world of fresh and crisp tastes.

Explore the Range of Wild Beer Co.’s Sour Beers

Wild Beer Co. is famous for its amazing sour beers. They use top-quality natural ingredients. This approach creates flavors that are unique and exciting.

Wild Beer Co. leads in making sour beers with special aging and blending. Their beers get a unique taste from aging in oak barrels. This process makes each beer special and rich in flavor.

The brewery loves natural ingredients for their unique sourness. Wild fermentation brings out the tangy taste. This commitment makes Wild Beer Co. stand out. Every sip takes you on a flavor adventure.

Wild Beer Co. offers different beers for everyone. They have classic sour IPAs and fruit-infused beers. Each one is made to be a refreshing choice.

Delve into the World of Wild Beer Co.’s Sour Beers

Here are some of Wild Beer Co.’s exciting sour beers:

Sleeping Lemons: It’s a great start to sour beers. It has zesty lemon flavors. It’s refreshing and perfect for any time.

Somerset Wild: This beer shows their use of natural ingredients. It has the taste of the Somerset countryside. It’s complex and nicely sour.

Millionaire: Enjoy this rich beer with chocolate and caramel. It has a sour twist. It leaves a memorable impression.

These examples highlight Wild Beer Co.’s diverse sour beers. Their creativity and skill in brewing make them unique in the craft beer world. If you want a new taste experience, check out Wild Beer Co.’s sour beers.

Embrace Bold Flavors with Breaking Boundaries Pale Ale

Breaking Boundaries is not just any Pale Ale. It was introduced to honour International Women’s Day. It’s a beer with a twist, offering bold and adventurous tastes. Dive into the complex flavors of Breaking Boundaries Pale Ale and support an important cause.

It stands as a symbol of the courage of International Women’s Day. This day lights up the achievements and strength of women worldwide. This beer captures the spirit of breaking stereotypes and pushing boundaries. Its unique taste sets it apart.

The creation of Breaking Boundaries Pale Ale reflects dedication and precision. It’s both daring and sophisticated. The selected ingredients and brewing methods make this pale ale a standout. It shows off the craft beer industry’s creativity and innovation.

Every sip takes you on an adventure of bold flavors. The Breaking Boundaries Pale Ale offers an unmatched sensory journey. Its vibrant aroma and complex profile are enthralling. From start to finish, this beer’s boldness and vivacity shine.

“Breaking Boundaries Pale Ale pushes the boundaries of traditional beer flavors, offering a truly unique and unforgettable taste experience. It’s a celebration of diversity and empowerment, embracing boldness and creativity. Raise a glass and join in the spirit of Breaking Boundaries.”

Choosing Breaking Boundaries Pale Ale means more than enjoying a great beer. It means supporting an important cause. This beer celebrates the strength and resilience of women everywhere. It encourages us to break barriers and cherish uniqueness.

Try the bold and vibrant flavors of Breaking Boundaries Pale Ale yourself. Celebrate International Women’s Day with us. Lift your glass to bravery, innovation, and the fearless spirit that defies limits.

Discover the Refreshing World of Fruit Pale Ales

Fruit pale ales bring a unique twist to classic beers. They blend flavors like passion fruit, guava, and orange for a flavor-packed drink. Pogo is a standout choice, famous for its zesty taste and hoppy notes.

Pogo mixes passion fruit and guava’s zesty flavors with the sharpness of orange. This blend offers a tropical taste that brightens your palate. The mix of juicy fruits and hop bitterness hits the balance right, offering a refreshing drink.

Are you into fruity beers or keen to explore something new? Fruit pale ales are worth a shot. Their lively flavors offer a slice of paradise in your glass. Perfect for beach days or summer BBQs, these beers are your sunny day pals.

Fruit Pale AleDescription
PogoA refreshing fruit pale ale that combines the tropical fruit characters of passion fruit, guava, and orange. It delivers a burst of flavor with a bold hoppy profile.
[Brand/Beer Name][Description]
[Brand/Beer Name][Description]

Why Choose Fruit Pale Ales?

Fruit pale ales stand out for their refreshing and distinct taste. Here’s why you should try them:

  • Unforgettable Tropical Flavors: The mix of passion fruit, guava, and orange takes you to sunshine and beaches, brightening even the dullest days.
  • Balance of Sweetness and Bitterness: These beers perfectly match the sweetness of fruits with the sharpness of hops. It creates a pleasing flavor mix.
  • Versatile Pairings: They go well with various meals, like spicy Thai or fresh seafood. The tropical taste complements different foods, elevating your meal.
  • Refreshing Alternative: Looking for a beer switch-up? Fruit pale ales offer a delightful break from the usual.

Dive into the vibrant world of fruit pale ales today. Enjoy the rich flavors that marry beer and fruit seamlessly. Here’s to a drink that’s both refreshing and memorable. Cheers!

Explore the Stout Collection by Wild Beer Co.

Experience the deep, roasty flavors of Wild Beer Co.’s stouts. They have a selection sure to please any beer lover. Their unmatched skill and focus on quality mean their stouts break new ground.

“Millionaire Stout stands out for those wanting a luxurious taste. It blends sweet and salty in a way that’s like a lush dessert. Each sip is a delight, ending with a full and rich taste.”

Wineybeest is another jewel from Wild Beer Co. It’s a powerful, intense stout that pulls you into its depth. With dark fruit notes and a touch of oak, it’s a drink that calls for bold drinkers and offers rich rewards.

Delve into the impressive stout collection from Wild Beer Co. Enjoy the expert brewing that elevates each beer. Whether you’re a staunch stout fan or new to these dark brews, Wild Beer Co.’s stouts will amaze you and keep you coming back for more.

Wild Beer Co. Stout Collection:

Millionaire StoutA sweet and salty stout like a lavish dessert, with deep and roasty tastes that charm your senses.
WineybeestA commanding and intense stout with notes of dark fruits and oak that offer a strong and layered flavor adventure.

Bask in the Flavors of Elderflower Craft Beer

Elderflower craft beer is refreshing and unique. It’s perfect for beer lovers. The elderflower gives a floral and aromatic touch, making it great for summer.

This beer has a delicate taste that quenches thirst and satisfies. Elderflower adds a sweet and crisp balance to the beer.

It’s ideal for sunny days or relaxing after a busy week. The floral elderflower matches the beer’s refreshing quality. This makes it a top pick for those who want something light and tasty.

“The delicate flavors of elderflower elevate the taste of this craft beer, offering a delightful spritz that is perfect for those looking for a refreshing and unique drinking experience.” – Craft Beer Monthly

Discover the Unique Flavors of Elderflower Craft Beer

Here are some unique flavors of elderflower craft beer:

Flavor NotesDescription
FloralThe elderflower infusion lends a delicate floral quality to the beer, providing a refreshing and aromatic experience.
CitrusSome elderflower craft beers feature hints of citrus, adding a zesty and vibrant element to the overall flavor profile.
HerbalElderflower has subtle herbal undertones that add a unique depth of flavor to the beer, creating a well-rounded and satisfying taste.
RefreshingThe combination of the floral and citrus notes in elderflower craft beer provides a refreshing and thirst-quenching drinking experience.

Enjoy the floral and refreshing qualities of elderflower craft beer. Whether you’re experienced with beer or trying new flavors, elderflower craft beer will impress you.

Indulge in the Zesty Delights of Grapefruit Beer

For those who adore citrusy tastes, grapefruit beer is a top choice. This brew captures the zesty, refreshing essence of grapefruit. It feels like you’re on a sunlit coast with every sip. Start a zesty journey and enjoy the wonderful flavors of grapefruit beer.

This beer mixes the bitter hops with sweet grapefruit tang. The result? A tantalizing, invigorating taste. The grapefruit’s zesty notes enhance the beer. They bring a fresh burst and a unique twist to your drink.

Imagine lounging by the beach or recalling your last seaside trip. Grapefruit beer brings those sunlit coast vibes to you. With its bright and zesty tastes, it’s perfect for a summer barbecue. Or for a relaxed evening with pals.

One standout grapefruit beer is the “Sunshine Citrus Ale” by BrewDog. It’s made with selected hops and lots of grapefruit zest. This makes the beer burst with citrusy goodness. Its light, crisp feel is great for those warm summer days. When you want something refreshing and zingy, this is it.

Grapefruit BeerZesty FlavorsSun-Drenched Coastline
Grapefruit RadlerA refreshing blend of grapefruit and lagerUnleash your taste buds and transport yourself to a sunny beach
Grapefruit IPAA hoppy and citrus-packed brewFeel the warmth of the coast with every sip
Grapefruit GoseA tantalizing combination of tartness and grapefruit tangSip your way to a tropical paradise

Why not treat yourself to a grapefruit beer? Explore the zesty flavors and soak up the coastal vibes. Enjoy every sip. Whether you love fruity beers or want to try something new, grapefruit beer will impress. It’ll satisfy your taste buds and make you want more. Cheers to the zesty delights of grapefruit beer!

Get Your Passport to Shepherd Neame’s Cask Club

Shepherd Neame invites you on a beer-tasting journey with their Cask Club. This club is perfect for beer lovers, introducing a range of limited edition beers. Each beer offers new tastes that go beyond traditional brewing.

Joining is easy. Just visit a participating pub and grab your passport. As you try different Cask Club ales, you’ll collect stamps in your passport. This marks your journey through unique flavors and brews.

Fill up your passport to earn exclusive rewards and enter a competition. You could win a weekend away. Keep trying the limited edition beers for a great taste journey.

Be the first to hear about new beers in the Cask Club. Join the community of beer lovers who enjoy Shepherd Neame’s creativity and innovation.

Benefits of Joining Shepherd Neame’s Cask Club

  • Access to limited edition beers with innovative flavors
  • Opportunity to collect stamps in your passport and win exclusive rewards
  • A chance to win a weekend getaway
  • Be the first to know about new releases and additions to the Cask Club lineup


“The Shepherd Neame Cask Club is a dream for beer fans. It offers a variety of limited edition beers with new flavors. I’ve found some of my favorite brews here. The passport program makes it even more fun. I highly recommend it!”

– Mark W.

“The Shepherd Neame Cask Club is great for anyone who loves unique beer flavors. There’s always something new to try, and the passport program adds fun to the adventure. If you love beer, check out the Cask Club!”

– Lisa D.

Shepherd Neame Cask Club Exclusive Releases

BeerFlavor Profile
Limited Edition IPAA bold and hoppy IPA with citrus and tropical fruit notes
Experimental StoutA rich and indulgent stout with chocolate and coffee hints
Seasonal SaisonA farmhouse-style ale with fruity and spicy undertones
Barrel-Aged PorterAn intense and complex porter with caramel and oak flavors

The Future of Fruit Brews

The craft beer industry loves new trends, with fruit brews leading the way. Breweries keep finding new ways to surprise us with unique flavors. They add fruits to traditional beers, making the options endless.

Think of classics like citrus beers or bold new tastes from tropical fruits and berries. Fruit beers are gaining fans fast. They bring a fresh and lively taste that many people love.

There’s a bright future for fruit brews as breweries get more creative. Whether you like traditional beers or new flavors, fruit beers have something for you. Dive into this exciting trend and enjoy the tasty world of fruit beers.


What are fruity brews?

Fruity brews are beers mixed with different fruits. They make the usual beer taste unique and more refreshing.

What flavors can I expect from beer with fruits?

Beers with fruits come in many flavors. You’ll find citrus, tropical, and berry notes in them.

What is Creekside beer?

Creekside is a special, fruity beer by Shepherd Neame. It’s a Session IPA with summer fruits like raspberry and blackcurrant.

What is special about JUBEL’s fruit lager?

JUBEL’s fruit lager mixes fruitiness with crisp beer. It’s juicy, refreshing, and based on the demi-pêche tradition.

What makes Wild Beer Co.’s sour beers unique?

Wild Beer Co. uses barrel-aging and blending for its sour beers. This creates a unique, complex taste. They’re tangy and refreshing, thanks to natural ingredients.

What is Breaking Boundaries Pale Ale?

Breaking Boundaries Pale Ale celebrates International Women’s Day. It’s bold, vibrant, and supports a wonderful cause.

What are fruit pale ales?

Fruit pale ales are beers with tropical fruit touches. Flavors like passion fruit, guava, and orange make them a flavorful drink.

What stouts does Wild Beer Co. offer?

Wild Beer Co. has stouts like Millionaire, sweet and salty, and Wineybeest, bold and intense.

What flavors can I expect from elderflower craft beer?

Elderflower craft beer is floral and refreshing. It’s a great choice for summer with its delightful spritz.

What can I expect from grapefruit beer?

Grapefruit beer is zesty and refreshing. It tastes like sunny coastlines and is full of grapefruit’s delightful flavor.

What is Shepherd Neame’s Cask Club?

Shepherd Neame’s Cask Club introduces unique beers. Collect stamps for each Cask Club ale you try. You can get exclusive rewards and even win a weekend getaway.

What does the future hold for fruit brews?

Fruit brews are gaining popularity in craft beer. Breweries are always looking to surprise us with new flavors. These brews are a big hit with beer lovers and keep the beer world exciting.

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