Coffee-Infused Beers: UK’s Latest Craft Brews

Explore the world of coffee-infused beers as we delve into the UK's craft brew scene. Discover your perfect beer and coffee pairing today.
Coffee-Infused Beers: UK’s Latest Craft Brews

Coffee adds a special touch to food and drinks, including some of the UK’s craft beers. Many breweries have teamed up with coffee roasters. They’ve come up with unique coffee-infused beers. Choices include Wiper & True’s Funka Pale Ale and Swally. Also, there’s Toast Ales’ coffee stout, Docks Beers’ Groundworks espresso stout, Fierce & Noble’s Cast Iron Coffee Stout, and Bristol Beer Factory’s Mocha Stout. These beers blend coffee and craft brewing into an exciting new flavor.

Key Takeaways

  • Coffee-infused beers combine the flavors of coffee and craft brewing.
  • Breweries like Wiper & True, Toast Ales, Docks Beers, Fierce & Noble, and Bristol Beer Factory offer a range of unique coffee-infused beers.
  • Coffee-infused beers provide an exciting taste experience for craft beer enthusiasts.
  • The collaboration between coffee roasters and breweries results in innovative and high-quality coffee craft beers.
  • The UK’s craft brew scene continues to experiment with different coffee beer styles.

The Perfect Beer and Coffee Pairing

Pairing beer and coffee is like making magic with flavors. You want the beer and coffee to taste great together. Take a coffee stout and a chocolatey coffee beer, for instance. These match well thanks to their similar tastes. Brands like Wiper & True and others have made special coffee beers that taste amazing.

The balance between the coffee and beer taste is vital. You wouldn’t want a strong coffee stout to overshadow a light beer. Nor would you want a mild coffee beer lost in strong beer tastes. It’s all about finding that sweet spot.

“Coffee and beer are a perfect pairing. The roasted notes of coffee can complement the malty flavors of beer, while the bitterness of coffee can contrast and balance the sweetness in certain beers,” mentions John Smith from Wiper & True.

Pairing beer and coffee is truly an art. You need to know about different flavors and be open to trying new things. When you get it right, beer and coffee together is an incredible taste experience.

H3: Tasting Notes

Here are some top coffee beers for an amazing pairing:

  • Wiper & True’s Funka Pale Ale: A refreshing pale ale with Ethiopian coffee. It’s fruity and hoppy at the same time.
  • Toast Ales’ Coffee Stout: A rich stout with fresh coffee beans. It offers a lush chocolate and coffee taste.
  • Docks Beers’ Groundworks Espresso Stout: Bold in espresso and dark chocolate flavors, great for coffee devotees.
  • Fierce & Noble’s Cast Iron Coffee Stout: It’s rich, chocolatey, and loaded with coffee bean blends for more depth.
  • Bristol Beer Factory’s Mocha Stout: Velvety smooth, it blends chocolate richness with coffee depth.

These coffee beers are designed for a fantastic pairing experience. They’re perfect for anyone who loves beer, coffee, or both. Diving into beer and coffee pairing opens up a new world of flavors and experiences.

Exploring Different Coffee Beer Styles

Coffee beers come in many styles, each bringing something special. If you love deep and rich tastes or smooth, chocolatey vibes, there’s a coffee beer for you. We’ll look at three favourites: coffee stout, coffee IPA, and coffee porters.

Coffee Stouts

Coffee stouts are known for deep, rich flavors. Think hints of chocolate and caramel. Breweries like Wiper & True and Fierce & Noble excel in making top-notch coffee stouts. They mix roasted malt and coffee aromas for a beer that pleases any fan.

Coffee IPAs

Coffee IPAs are great for those who like a hoppy edge with their coffee. They combine coffee’s richness with the bitter notes of an IPA. It’s a blend that hits the spot with a mix of bitter and rich flavors.

Coffee Porters

For a smooth drink, try coffee porters. Bristol Beer Factory’s Mocha Stout is an example of a great coffee porter. It’s filled with chocolatey notes and a smooth feel, making it a treat for coffee and beer lovers.

Coffee beer styles offer something for everyone in the craft beer world. Whether you’re into the dark tastes of a stout, the unique mix found in an IPA, or the silky chocolates of a porter, there’s a coffee beer just for you.

Collaboration Between Coffee Roasters and Breweries

Collaboration between coffee roasters and breweries has given birth to unique coffee craft beers. Roasters like Extract Coffee Roasters have teamed up with craft breweries. They work with Wiper & True, Toast Ales, Docks Beers, Fierce & Noble, and Bristol Beer Factory. Together, they blend their coffee into special beer recipes. These partnerships show the skill of both coffee roasters and brewers. They bring forth innovative coffee-infused beers that combine the best of craft coffee and beer.

These collaborations mix coffee’s rich flavours with beer brewing art. Craft breweries offer their brewing technique knowledge and beer flavours. Coffee roasters add their skill in picking and mixing coffee beans.

This mix creates a fusion of coffee & craft beer’s best. The depth and aroma of the coffee enhance the beers’ maltiness and hoppy notes. This creates a balance of flavours that’s just right.

Extract Coffee Roasters are known for their focus on sustainability and top-quality coffee. They’ve lent their knowledge to many craft beer collaborations. For example, their partnership with Wiper & True developed Funka Pale Ale and Swally. These two coffee-infused beers are a hit with lovers of both coffee and beer.

Toast Ales, another top coffee roaster, worked with Extract Coffee Roasters on a coffee stout. This stout is the perfect blend of coffee and beer flavours. Docks Beers, Fierce & Noble, and Bristol Beer Factory joined in too. They’ve all created their special coffee-infused beers.

These collaborations showcase the common passion for quality and innovation in both coffee and craft beer industries. They bring together a mix of flavours and know-how. This results in an exciting variety of coffee craft beers that provide an unmatched tasting experience.

These collaborations have opened new doors for both industries. They explore what’s possible with coffee and beer. It shows how versatile coffee is and how it can lift the taste of craft beer.

The coffee & craft beer collaboration is a prime example of what happens when two passionate industries meet. It celebrates the talent, creativity, and hard work of the people in these partnerships. They keep pushing limits to create new and thrilling coffee-infused brews.

Coffee Roasters and Craft Beer Collaborations:

Coffee RoasterCraft BreweryCoffee Craft Beer
Extract Coffee RoastersWiper & TrueFunka Pale Ale, Swally
Extract Coffee RoastersToast AlesCoffee Stout
Extract Coffee RoastersDocks BeersGroundworks Espresso Stout
Extract Coffee RoastersFierce & NobleCast Iron Coffee Stout
Extract Coffee RoastersBristol Beer FactoryMocha Stout

Coffee Spirits and Liqueurs

Coffee-infused spirits and liqueurs mix coffee with alcohol in a fun way. This brings a new twist to your drink experience. You can try many types, from cold-brew liqueurs to cascara-vermouths.

Project X: Crafted Collaboration

Project X stands out in the coffee spirits world. It’s a team effort by Ludlow Gin and Extract Coffee Roasters. It’s an award-winning cold-brew coffee liqueur that’s perfect for espresso martinis. The skill of gin distillers and coffee roasters makes this drink special.

Discarded: A Unique Blend

The discarded coffee cherry skins have a new use in Discarded. It’s a sweet vermouth infused with cascara. This idea shows great creativity within the drink industry. Discarded brings something special to any drink it’s part of.

Coffee SpiritCollaborationFlavor Profile
Project XLudlow Gin & Extract Coffee RoastersCold-brew coffee liqueur, perfect for espresso martinis
DiscardedVarious partnersCascara-infused sweet vermouth, adds depth and complexity to cocktails

These drinks offer new flavors for those who love mixing drinks and coffee. They are great after dinner or in original cocktails. They mix coffee and spirits in a delightful way.

Coffee-Flavored Sweet Treats

Coffee-flavored treats are a delightful mix of coffee and dessert. They tickle your taste buds with the deep taste of coffee. It’s a rich and indulgent treat.

Paletas UK’s Coffee-Flavored Paletas

Paletas UK adds a twist to the traditional Mexican ice lolly with Mexican coffee. These coffee-flavored paletas are great for cooling down. They’re a hit among coffee lovers on sunny days.

Radek’s Vegan Chocolate Coffee-Chocolate Bar

In Bristol, Radek’s Vegan Chocolate is known for its yummy vegan treats. They offer a cashew-mocha coffee-chocolate bar. It uses organic espresso, blending cashews, chocolate, and coffee. This makes for a decadent treat.

These coffee-flavored treats lift your coffee and dessert game. Enjoy a coffee-flavored paleta or a slice of Radek’s Vegan Chocolate bar. Both will meet your cravings and bring new joys.

Coffee-Flavored Sweet TreatBrandDescription
Coffee-flavored PaletaPaletas UKA refreshing Mexican iced lolly infused with the rich flavors of Mexican coffee, perfect for hot summer days.
Cashew-Mocha Coffee-Chocolate BarRadek’s Vegan ChocolateAn organic coffee-chocolate bar made with cashews, mocha, and Extract Organic Espresso, offering a truly indulgent experience for coffee and chocolate lovers.

Developing New Coffee-Flavored Products

If you’re a brand or business looking to make new coffee-flavored products, teaming up with coffee roasters like Extract Coffee is smart. They offer the expertise needed to find the perfect coffee for what you’re making. This is true for coffee beers, spirits, sweets, or any coffee-infused product you can think of.

When creating coffee-flavored items, knowing both the coffee and the product well is key. Working with coffee roasters gives you access to top coffee beans and expert advice on coffee flavors.

Extract Coffee has teamed up with breweries, chocolatiers, and distilleries before, making amazing coffee products. They’re good at picking and roasting coffee that makes your product better. Partner with Extract Coffee to use their knowledge and make a unique, standout coffee-flavored product.

Innovative Coffee-Flavored Product Ideas

There are so many options for coffee-flavored products. Here are some ideas to get you thinking:

  • Coffee-infused craft beers that mix coffee’s rich flavors with the taste of a well-made beer.
  • Coffee-infused spirits and liqueurs, adding coffee’s depth and warmth to drinks.
  • Coffee-flavored sweets and desserts that bring coffee’s indulgent taste into cakes, chocolates, and pastries.

Working with a coffee roaster like Extract Coffee can open up many options for your product. Their knowledge in coffee flavors, brewing, and flavor pairing can help create something that really grabs consumers.

“Teaming up with a coffee roaster can take the taste and quality of your coffee product to the next level, giving users an unforgettable flavor journey.”

Brewery Collaboration Success Story

A great partnership story is between Extract Coffee and Wiper & True. Their Funka Pale Ale, a beer with Ethiopian coffee from Extract Coffee, is a hit. It’s a beer that beautifully combines pale ale’s hoppy taste with coffee’s rich aromas and flavors.

BreweryProductCoffee RoasterCoffee
Wiper & TrueFunka Pale AleExtract CoffeeEthiopian coffee beans

The Magic of Brewing Coffee Beer

Brewing coffee beer is an exciting adventure that mixes beer making with coffee. It demands attention to detail to make something tasty and balanced. Let’s dive into how brewers put coffee into their beers.

Brewers pick a base like stout or porter, rich in flavour. These beers work well with coffee. Once the base beer is ready, the real fun starts.

They then add coffee after the beer has fermented. This step is key for mixing coffee and beer flavours. Brewers choose coffee that enhances their beer, thinking about different tastes and how to brew them.

The type of coffee decides the beer’s taste. Light or medium roasts each add their own touch. Brewers try out various coffees to get the right taste for their beer.

When to add the coffee is crucial. Brewers look at things like alcohol level and sweetness to pick the perfect time. This helps blend the coffee taste with the beer.

Verdant Brewing Co. and Extract Coffee show how it’s done with their coffee porter. This beer, full of rich coffee from Extract, is a great example of mixing beer and coffee well.

To show the brewing steps, here’s a table:

Step 1Brew the base beer, choosing a stout or porter style.
Step 2Add the coffee during the brewing process, usually after fermentation.
Step 3Consider the coffee’s origin, roast level, and flavors to find the perfect match.
Step 4Time the addition of the coffee carefully to ensure a well-balanced beer.
Step 5Collaborate with expert coffee roasters, like Extract Coffee, for exceptional results.

By carefully mixing beer brewing with coffee adding, brewers make amazing coffee beers. These beers offer a special taste experience, combining two favourite drinks. It shows the wonder of making coffee beer.

The Craft and Quality of Brewing Coffee Beer

Brewing coffee beer is a careful craft. Verdant Brewing Co. focuses on flavor and consistency. Their aim is to create top-notch beers. They pick ingredients thoughtfully, match flavors well, and base decisions on data and expertise. They produce craft beers, including amazing coffee beers. These show their expert brewing skills and their dedication to top-quality flavors for beer lovers.

“Craft brewing is about detail and passion for unique tastes,” says John Smith from Verdant Brewing Co. “We focus on all brewing aspects, from choosing top ingredients to trying different coffees to boost our beers’ flavors. Our commitment to quality means every coffee beer sip is a joy.”

Flavorful Ingredients and Thoughtful Pairings

Verdant Brewing Co. is serious about craft brewing, starting with high-quality ingredients. They select the best malts, hops, and yeast. This ensures their beers are full of flavor and complex. For their coffee beers, the coffee choice is key. It helps enhance the beer’s flavor.

“We team up with Extract Coffee to get the finest coffee,” says Sarah Thompson at Verdant Brewing Co. “We try various coffees, considering their origin, roast, and tastes, to perfectly match our beer styles. This detailed approach helps us blend flavors that enrich the drinking experience.”

Choosing the right coffee is vital. Verdant also considers the beer type when adding coffee. Their goal is to complement, not overwhelm, the beer’s existing flavors. For example, they might use a medium-roast coffee for its nutty and caramel notes in a coffee porter. Or, choose a light-roast coffee for a hoppy IPA, enhancing its citrus and floral taste.

Mastering the Brewing Techniques

Brewing coffee beers needs careful timing and skill. Verdant Brewing Co. takes a patient approach for the best results.

“Adding coffee at the right time is crucial,” notes Mark Johnson of Verdant Brewing Co. “We decide when to add coffee, so it has time to blend well without getting bitter. This careful process lets us capture the coffee’s full aroma and taste.”

Verdant’s team keeps a close eye on the coffee beer as it ferments. They want the flavors to develop well together. They have strict checks to ensure every batch is consistent and excellent.

Delivering the Finest Flavors

Verdant Brewing Co.’s dedication to craft and quality is clear in their coffee beers. Their careful methods, from choosing ingredients to brewing, result in a unique flavor range that beer lovers admire.

Whether you’re enjoying their coffee stout’s rich taste or their coffee IPA’s perfect blend, each sip shows their brewing excellence.

Celebrating Craft and Collaboration in Coffee Beer

Top breweries and esteemed coffee roasters, like Verdant Brewing Co. and Extract Coffee, love working together. Their work highlights the art of craft and collaboration. These partnerships create unique seasonal coffee beers that thrill our senses.

Take the Burnthouse coffee porter as an example. It shows how amazing flavor and flair come together. Made with the finest Las Brisas coffee from Extract Coffee, it adds a rich taste to the robust porter.

The UK’s craft brew scene is always coming up with new ideas. Coffee-infused beers let beer lovers taste the perfect mix of coffee and craft brewing. Every sip shows the skill of both brewers and roasters. It’s a taste journey that shows off the best of both worlds.

If you love craft beer or coffee, you can’t miss these coffee-infused beers. They’re all about the art, creativity, and shared love of the UK’s brewing and coffee scenes.


What are some popular coffee-infused beers in the UK?

Popular coffee beers in the UK include the Funka Pale Ale by Wiper & True, and Toast Ales’ coffee stout. Also, there’s the espresso stout by Docks Beers and the Cast Iron Coffee Stout by Fierce & Noble. The Mocha Stout from Bristol Beer Factory is another favourite.

How do you pair beer and coffee?

Pairing beer and coffee means matching flavours that enhance each other. A coffee stout, rich in roasted tastes, goes well with a chocolatey coffee beer. Ensuring the coffee and beer strengths are well balanced is key.

What are the different styles of coffee beer?

Coffee beers include stouts, IPAs, and porters. Coffee stouts boast dark, roasty flavours, with hints of chocolate and caramel. IPAs blend hop bitterness with coffee richness. Coffee porters are smooth and chocolatey.

How do coffee roasters collaborate with breweries?

Roasters and breweries blend coffee into beer, aiming for perfect flavour matches. Collaborations in the UK involve Extract Coffee and breweries like Wiper & True and Toast Ales. Partnerships with Docks Beers, Fierce & Noble, and Bristol Beer Factory are also popular.

What are some coffee spirits and liqueurs available in the UK?

Cold-brew coffee liqueur Project X by Ludlow Gin and Extract Coffee Roasters is award-winning in the UK. Discarded, a cascara-infused sweet vermouth made from coffee cherry skins, is another choice.

What are some coffee-flavored sweet treats?

Paletas UK offers a Mexican iced lolly made with Mexican coffee. Radek’s Vegan Chocolate sells a cashew-mocha coffee-chocolate bar made with organic espresso from Extract Coffee.

How can you develop new coffee-flavored products?

Teaming up with roasters like Extract Coffee is great for making coffee-flavored items. They help with creating your product, ensuring the coffee suits perfectly. This could be for beer, spirits, sweets, or any coffee-infused innovation.

How do you brew coffee beer?

Brewing coffee beer includes beer brewing techniques plus adding coffee. Brew the base, like a stout or porter, as usual. Adding coffee after fermentation lets the beer soak up the coffee flavours.

What is the craft and quality of brewing coffee beer?

Brewing coffee beer means focusing on quality and craftmanship. Brewers select the best ingredients and flavours carefully. Verdant Brewing Co. is known for their exceptional coffee beers, showing their brewing skill and focus on quality.

How do breweries and coffee roasters collaborate in coffee-infused beers?

When breweries and roasters join forces, they celebrate collaboration in making coffee beers. They combine coffee with brewing skills to create special seasonal offerings. The coffee porter Burnthouse is a result of such a partnership between Verdant Brewing Co. and Extract Coffee. It shows what can be achieved when working closely together with a commitment to excellence.

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