Brighton’s Best Brewery Taprooms – Cosy Pints Await!

Explore the charm of Brewery taprooms Brighton with our guide to the finest spots for craft beer and a cosy pint in the city.
Brighton’s Best Brewery Taprooms – Cosy Pints Await!

Brighton boasts some of the country’s cosiest brewery taprooms. Whether craving craft beer in a snug pub or seeking a lively microbrewery bar, Brighton has it all. This vibrant city is a haven for beer enthusiasts. Come and explore Brighton’s finest brewery taprooms, uncovering their unique charm and delicious brews.

Key Takeaways

Loud Shirt Taproom Brighton – Experimental Craft Beers in a Friendly Setting

Loud Shirt Taproom Brighton is a gem for beer lovers. It’s known for its creative craft beers. The taproom has a wide range of unique brews in a warm atmosphere.

It’s in the heart of Brighton, making it ideal for craft beer fans. The team there loves to try new brewing methods. They invent exciting flavors that delight anyone’s taste buds.

Walking into Loud Shirt Taproom, you find a lively place. The staff loves beer and helps you find your next favourite. It’s great for both beer experts and those who want a nice place to unwind.

Unique Brews and Flavors

Loud Shirt Taproom has many experimental beers to try. They have everything from hazy IPAs to barrel-aged stouts. Their beer list always changes, offering new tastes with every visit.

The brewers at Loud Shirt are like artists. They love to explore new possibilities in craft beer. Their passion for trying new things is clear in every pint.

Prepare for a journey of taste. Loud Shirt focuses on modern US beer styles. They have a lot of hop-rich beers with strong flavours. Check out their changing beer list for the newest brews.

A Welcoming Atmosphere

Loud Shirt Taproom is known for its great beers and welcoming vibe. It’s a place where beer fans meet and share their love for brewing.

Whether you know a lot about beer or just enjoy drinking it, you’ll like it here. You can chat with other beer lovers, get recommendations, and enjoy Brighton’s craft beer scene.

Experience Craft Beer Bliss

Loud Shirt Taproom Brighton is a must for craft beer lovers. Dive into a world of unique tastes, friendly people, and a community that loves brewing.

When you want a special pint, head to Loud Shirt Taproom. It’s an experience that will surprise your taste buds. Let yourself try new things and explore.

Don’t miss the chance to see Brighton’s craft beer world. Visit Loud Shirt Taproom for experimental craft beers in a welcoming place.

HighlightsContact InformationLocation
  • Wide selection of unique craft beers
  • Experimental and innovative flavors
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff
  • Vibrant and lively atmosphere
  • 123 Craft Beer Lane
  • Brighton, BN1 2AB

The West Tap Brighton – Sun Soaked Craft Bar by the i360

The West Tap Brighton is a brilliant craft bar near the famous i360. It has a wide range of craft beers and a lively vibe. If you’re around the i360 or looking for a nice place for a drink, choose The West Tap. It’s well-loved by both locals and tourists because of its location and beer variety.

Searching for a craft beer bar in Brighton? Don’t miss The West Tap. It’s close to the i360, making it easy to find. You’ll step into a beer haven with their wide range of craft beers. They have everything from IPAs to stouts, pleasing any beer lover.

An Unforgettable Atmosphere

The West Tap isn’t just about the beer, it’s about the whole experience. Walking in, you’ll feel welcome in its stylish, rustic setting. It’s perfect for relaxing and enjoying a good beer. Chat with the friendly staff at the bar or relax outside in the sun.

“The West Tap offers a fantastic selection of craft beers in a vibrant and sun-soaked setting—truly the perfect spot to relax and enjoy a pint in Brighton.”

At The West Tap Brighton, everyone fits in, whether you’re into craft beers or not. The staff know their stuff and are happy to help find the perfect beer for you. Sometimes, they host special brewery events, adding to the fun.

Make a trip to The West Tap for a taste of Brighton’s lively craft beer scene. It’s a great spot, whether you’re local or just visiting. Enjoy the sun, great beers, and create lasting memories at The West Tap Brighton.

Presuming Eds Brighton – Eclectic Decor and Great Beer Options

Presuming Eds Brighton is a distinct pub that offers a fantastic beer menu along with eclectic decor. It’s inspired by the unique charm of ruin bars. Here, you can enjoy great brews in an environment filled with quirky and artistic touches. It’s a spot in Brighton you shouldn’t miss, especially if you love beer or unique places.

If you’re bored with regular pubs, Presuming Eds Brighton is your perfect escape. Its vibrant and unique interior takes you to a world full of creativity. Right when you walk in, you’ll see a mix of vintage furniture, retro wallpaper, and one-of-a-kind artworks. The mismatched chairs and tables across cosy seating areas make you feel instantly at ease. It’s like you’re right at home, but with a twist of imagination and flair.

The beer menu at Presuming Eds Brighton matches its eclectic interior. You’ll find a broad selection of beers, from hoppy IPAs to smooth stouts and refreshing lagers. They have local crafts and international beers, offering something for every taste. The staff are friendly and will help you pick the perfect beer for you.

Presuming Eds Brighton really represents the Brighton pub culture. It’s where creativity and great beer come together. You’ll have a memorable time in this fun and quirky place. If you’re in search of a pub that’s different from the rest, go to Presuming Eds. You’ll find yourself among an eclectic mix of people, enjoying the lively atmosphere and excellent beer choices.

The Brick Brighton – Lager and Refinement in a Stylish Setting

The Brick Brighton is famous for its lager selections and stylish environment. It offers many lagers on tap. This makes it perfect for those who love well-brewed beer. The pub’s design adds to the enjoyment, making it ideal for drinks with friends or relaxing evenings.

The Brick Brighton mixes a passion for lagers with elegance. It has a wide range of lagers in a stylish setting. This creates a special pub experience for beer fans in Brighton.

Entering The Brick Brighton, you notice its classy feel. The interior is beautifully decorated, offering a cosy vibe. Every detail, from the art to the seating, shows care and attention.

“The Brick Brighton is the epitome of sophistication. The refined setting and impressive selection of lagers make it a go-to destination for beer lovers in Brighton.” – Local Beer Connoisseur

At The Brick Brighton, lagers are the main attraction. The pub features a diverse selection of lagers on tap, from local and global brewers. Whether you like a light Pilsner or a dark Bock, you’ll find a lager that suits your taste.

Sample Lager Selection at The Brick Brighton:

LagerOriginTasting Notes
Brick BockBrighton, UKA rich and malty lager with notes of caramel and chocolate.
Bavarian PilsnerBavaria, GermanyA crisp and refreshing lager with a delicate hop bitterness.
Belgian WitbierBrussels, BelgiumA cloudy and aromatic wheat beer with hints of citrus and coriander.

Enjoy a meal with your lager from The Brick Brighton’s delicious menu. Choose from gourmet burgers to tasty snacks. They also offer a variety of other drinks. This ensures there’s something for all tastes.

So, if you love lagers or want a stylish pub experience, visit The Brick Brighton. Discover the finest in lager brewing while enjoying the elegant setting and welcoming vibe.

The Urchin Hove – Prawns, Pints, and a Special Hove Location

The Urchin Hove is a hidden treasure in a quiet Hove backstreet. This pub stands out for its tasty prawn dishes and great pints. If you love seafood and beer, you’ll enjoy what The Urchin Hove has to offer. It’s a place locals love and visitors must check out.

Looking for a unique pub in Hove? The Urchin Hove is your spot. It’s away from the city’s noise, offering peace and quiet. The cosy vibe and friendly staff make you feel right at home.

The prawns here are the main highlight. The Urchin Hove has prawn dishes that will impress. There are classic and new prawn meals to try. Pair these with a perfect pint for an unforgettable meal.

But there’s more than prawns and pints. They also have a variety of craft beers, ciders, and spirits. It’s a haven for beer lovers and anyone who enjoys a good drink.

Enjoy the rustic interior with nautical decorations and brick walls. On sunny days, sit outside and enjoy your meal in the fresh air.

Want to hear what others think? Here’s a review:

“The Urchin Hove is amazing! The prawn dishes are out of this world. With excellent beers and a welcoming vibe, you’re in for a treat.”

– Peter, Brighton

Visit The Urchin Hove Today

Come to The Urchin Hove for a unique experience. Enjoy delicious prawns, great beer, and a lovely atmosphere. See why both locals and visitors can’t get enough of this place.

Maris & Otter Brighton – Traditional Brewery, Modern Taproom

Maris & Otter Brighton is an 18th-century brewery in Brighton’s heart. This place is loved in the city for its deep brewing roots. It mixes the feel of an old brewery with a modern taproom, offering a special spot for beer fans.

When you enter the taproom, you’ll find a stylish mix of old and new. It honors the brewery’s past with its brick walls and wood touches. This mix makes for a cozy, welcoming space.

The taproom has many Maris & Otter beers, made with local ingredients and old methods. There’s a beer for everyone, from classic ales to new seasonal choices.

At Maris & Otter, trying different beers through tasting flights is a fun touch. The staff knows a lot and can walk you through the tastes and how they make the beer.

Maris & Otter Brighton isn’t just for drinking beer. It’s also about learning how beer is made and its history. They give tours that show you how they brew the beer and let you meet the brewers.

Maris & Otter Brighton is a special find for those who love beer. It mixes an old brewery and a modern taproom into one memorable experience. It’s perfect whether you love craft beer or just want a nice place for a pint in Brighton.

Maris & Otter Brighton sits in the city centre, drawing both locals and visitors. It offers a taste of Brighton’s brewing past and a relaxing spot with great beer. This place has something for all, mixing tradition with a modern twist.

  • Experience the charm of a traditional 18th-century brewery
  • Indulge in a wide selection of meticulously crafted brews
  • Enjoy the contemporary setting of the modern taproom
  • Discover the brewing process through informative tours
  • Delight in the knowledgeable and friendly staff

Plan your visit to Maris & Otter Brighton to dive into the rich brewing tradition. Enjoy the comforts of their modern taproom.

Fiveways Brighton – Abundance of Space, Drinks, and Entertainment

Welcome to Fiveways, Brighton’s top pub. It offers lots of space, drinks, and fun. Looking for a chill drink or a fun night out? This corner pub has everything.

As soon as you walk in, you’ll feel the welcoming vibe. It has plenty of seats and space, making it great for meeting friends. Its open design makes it a lively spot for both locals and visitors.

At Fiveways, the drink choices are unbeatable. They have everything from traditional ales to craft beers. No matter what you like, you’ll find something that suits your taste. Not into beer? They also have a great selection of spirits, wines, and cocktails.

Fiveways isn’t just known for its drinks. It’s also where you can enjoy live music and comedy. With talented performers on stage, every night becomes memorable. So, enjoy your drink and let the shows entertain you.

What really makes Fiveways stand out is its friendly atmosphere. The staff are kind and always ready to help, making every visit special. Whether it’s your first time or you’re a regular, you’ll always be welcomed with a smile.

Thinking of a night out in Brighton? Don’t miss Fiveways. With its great space, drinks, and fun, it’s the best spot for any occasion. Bring your mates, get a pint, and make memories at Fiveways.

The Fiveways Brighton Experience

“Fiveways is more than a pub, it’s an adventure. The welcoming space, huge drinks menu, and fun events make it the best place for a night out in Brighton.” – Amanda, Brighton resident

Why Choose Fiveways Brighton?

  • Lots of space, perfect for hanging out with friends
  • Huge drink selection, including ales, craft beers, and spirits
  • Great entertainment, including live music and comedy nights
  • Friendly atmosphere, with welcoming staff

Visit Fiveways Brighton Today

Come to Fiveways for an amazing atmosphere, tasty drinks, and great entertainment. It’s the go-to place in Brighton for both locals and tourists. So, gather your friends for an unforgettable night.

Brighton Bier Brewery Taproom – Imbibing at the Source

If you’re a craft beer enthusiast in Brighton, the Brighton Bier Brewery Taproom is a must-visit. It’s in Kemptown, right at the brewery. This spot lets you see how beer is made and enjoy your favorite kinds.

When you walk into the Brighton Bier Brewery Taproom, a friendly vibe welcomes you. They make a bunch of craft beers right there. You can try different beers, from hoppy IPAs to dark, rich stouts.

The taproom offers beer fresh from where it’s brewed. Drinking beer so fresh and full of flavor is a unique treat. It’s great for anyone, whether you know a lot about craft beer or are just starting to explore.

Each sip of beer shows the hard work and care that goes into making it. The Brighton Bier crew focuses on quality, using top ingredients. That effort makes every drink special.

Considering a trip to the Brighton Bier Brewery Taproom? You’ll love the atmosphere and the excellent beer selection. It’s an experience you won’t forget, especially if you love craft beer.

Hobgoblin Brighton – Student-Friendly Brews and a Vibrant Garden

Are you searching for a pub with a lively atmosphere and student-friendly beers? Hobgoblin Brighton is your go-to spot. It’s a favourite among students for its energetic outdoor area and friendly vibe. It’s perfect for unwinding after classes or for a fun evening out.

The garden at Hobgoblin Brighton stands out. It has plenty of seats and a great atmosphere. You can enjoy their craft beers and the lively setting. They offer a variety of beers, from hoppy IPAs to smooth stouts, catering to all tastes.

Hobgoblin is known for its focus on students. It has affordable prices, making it great for students on a budget. Whether it’s celebrating exams ending or just hanging out, Hobgoblin Brighton is welcoming. Its student-friendly environment and lively garden make it a top choice for students.


Can I visit multiple brewery taprooms in a single day?

Definitely! Brighton’s brewery taprooms are close to each other. This makes it simple to visit several in one day. Just make sure to drink within your limits and stay safe.

Can I bring my own food to the brewery taprooms?

This varies between taprooms. It’s wise to check with them before you go. However, many offer their own tasty food or have food vendors nearby. This way, you can enjoy great food with your beer.

Can I take beer home from the brewery taprooms?

Yes, you often can buy beer to take away. Enjoying your favorite beers at home or with friends is easy. Taprooms might sell cans, bottles, or fill up growlers and crowlers for fresh beer to go.

Are children allowed in the brewery taprooms?

Taproom policies on children differ. Some welcome families with kids. Others might be adults only. Always check with the taproom before bringing children along.

Can I book a private event or party at the brewery taprooms?

Many taprooms are happy to host private events. Birthdays, work events, and friend gatherings can often be celebrated there. Contact the taproom ahead of time to talk about what you need and when.

Can I learn more about the brewing process at the brewery taprooms?

Indeed! Many taprooms provide tours or information on brewing. If you’re keen to learn about beer-making, ask about tour availability or resources.

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