Discover Brewery Taprooms in Kent | Craft Beer Guide

Explore the finest brewery taprooms in Kent for a sip of the best local craft beers. Uncover your next favourite pub and artisanal beer experience.
Discover Brewery Taprooms in Kent | Craft Beer Guide

Kent boasts a lively craft beer scene. It’s packed with brewery taprooms offering tasty brews. Whether you live in Kent or are just visiting, checking out these taprooms is a must. You can sample the best local craft beers. Kent offers everything from small microbreweries to larger brewpubs, catering to every beer lover.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover a variety of brewery taprooms in Kent, offering unique and flavorful craft beers.
  • Explore the vibrant craft beer scene and support local microbreweries and brewpubs.
  • Enjoy guided tours, exceptional taprooms, and award-winning brews at The Curious Brewery in Ashford.
  • Experience the West Coast and Central German-inspired craft beers at Breakwater Brewery in Dover.
  • Follow the “Ale of The Trail” along the North Downs Way National Trail and sample locally brewed beers.

The Curious Brewery – A Premier Taproom Experience

In Ashford, Kent, the Curious Brewery is a top spot for craft beer fans. This award-winning spot gives tours that show off their beer and cider making secrets.

“The Curious Brewery is amazing for learning about craft beer. The tours dive deep into the brewing process, from picking the right ingredients to the latest brewing methods. It’s more than a tour; it’s a passion-filled adventure.”

The taproom offers a warm, inviting place to enjoy their drinks. As soon as you walk in, you feel welcomed. The taproom’s modern, chic design is the perfect place to enjoy their tasty beers and ciders.

The Curious Brewery has won Brewery of the Year at the International Beer Challenge. It’s one of the best in Kent for its quality brews. Beer lovers visit often to try their outstanding beers.

Guided Brewery Tours

The Curious Brewery does guided tours that show how they make their beer and cider. Experts lead the tours, taking you through each brewing step. You’ll learn a lot about crafting top-notch craft beers and ciders.

On the tour, you’ll see their advanced brewing setup. You’ll get up close to the shiny brewing kettles and big fermentation tanks. This lets you see how The Curious Brewery creates its well-known drinks.

“The guided tour at The Curious Brewery was an eye-opener. The guide’s passion and knowledge were clear, making you see the hard work and skill in their brewing. It’s a must for beer fans.”

After the tour, the taproom welcomes you to try their beers and ciders. They offer everything from their Curious Brew Lager to the Curious Apple Cider, pleasing all tastes.

Unforgettable Tasting Experiences

The Curious Brewery isn’t just for drinking beer. It’s a place to really experience it. Their taproom has different tasting events to try out their range of brews.

If you’re eager to learn more about craft beer, try their beer flight tasting. This offers a selection of beers, each highlighting a unique style or taste. As you try each one, the staff will explain the tastes, helping you understand each beer’s depth.

No matter if you’re a beer expert or new to craft beer, The Curious Brewery is ideal. Their team loves to help, recommend, and share their beer passion.

What to Expect at The Curious Brewery
Guided brewery tours
State-of-the-art brewing facilities
Award-winning craft beers and ciders
Unforgettable tasting experiences
Knowledgeable and passionate staff

For the best taproom visit in Kent, The Curious Brewery is unmatched. It’s perfect for those wanting to learn about brewing, enjoy a great pint, or just enjoy the atmosphere. The Curious Brewery is essential for all beer enthusiasts.

Breakwater Brewery – A Taste of the West Coast and Germany

Breakwater Brewery in Dover, Kent, blends the West Coast of the USA with Central Germany’s vibes. They offer craft beers, real ales, and ciders with a modern twist. Plus, their stone-baked pizzas are a hit among visitors.

Looking for a unique beer spot in the South East? Breakwater Brewery is the place to go. They focus on artisanal craft beers. You’ll find everything from hoppy IPAs to classic German lagers.

The taproom is modern and welcoming. It’s perfect for a night out with friends. With their expertly crafted beers and fresh pizza, you’re in for a memorable time.

Brewery Highlights:

  • Wide selection of craft beers, real ales, and ciders
  • Inspired by the West Coast of the USA and Central Germany
  • Modern taproom with a welcoming atmosphere
  • On-site pizzeria serving stone-baked pizzas

Don’t miss out on Breakwater Brewery if you’re in Kent. It’s where the West Coast and Germany meet in Dover. A visit promises great beer and good times.

Ale of the Trail – Brewery Taprooms Along the North Downs Way

The North Downs Way National Trail is more than just a scenic path for walkers. It’s also a chance to explore the finest microbreweries in Kent. Along the trail, there’s an “Ale Trail” for walkers to discover brewery taprooms and enjoy top brews the region offers.

Each brewery presents a special “Ale of The Trail”. It reflects the rich history and heritage of the area. These unique beers let walkers enjoy local tastes and show the creativity of Kent’s microbreweries.

BreweryLocationFeatured Ale of The Trail
Hogs Back BreweryFarnhamDowns Way Bitter
Godstone BrewersGodstoneHeritage Pale Ale
Titsey BreweryWesterhamNorth Downs Gold

By visiting these brewery taprooms, walkers do more than just enjoy beer. They also support the upkeep of the North Downs Way. This trail depends on local breweries to stay beautiful and open for future guests.

So, put on your boots, hit the trail, and treat yourself to a local brew. It’s the best way to enjoy Kent’s true flavour amidst beautiful landscapes.

The History of Brewing in Kent

Kent is famous for its farming history, especially in hop growing. This region has long been linked to brewing. For centuries, it has boasted excellent local breweries. These places have made beers, lagers, and ciders that win awards.

Now, Kent’s brewing tradition thrives thanks to new microbreweries and craft beer makers. They bring new life to the local beer community.

Visiting Kent’s brewery taprooms is a real treat. It’s a chance to taste various outstanding brews. You also learn about the region’s brewing past. Each taproom shares a part of Kent’s rich brewing story.

Brewery Taprooms for Every Taste in Kent

Kent is a paradise for beer fans, with a wide range of brewery taprooms. Whether you love traditional English ales, hoppy IPAs, or new experiments, Kent has it all. You can explore from tiny microbreweries to big craft beer places.

Choosing the right brewery taproom means knowing what you like. If cozy microbreweries in charming villages are for you, Kent won’t disappoint. Or, if you want something busier, try a craft beer pub in a lively city.

Many beer lovers enjoy Kent’s microbreweries. These places make exceptional beers with unique tastes and local touches. They let you try their latest beers and learn about how they’re made.

“A trip to a microbrewery taproom is a great way to support local beer makers. You can taste their dedication in each pint. Their creativity and innovation in brewing are always impressive.” – Jane Smith, Craft Beer Enthusiast

If you’re searching for a craft beer pub, Kent has many options. These pubs offer a vast selection of craft beers, both local and from around the world. They change their beers regularly, so there’s always something new to try.

Some Kent brewery taprooms also give tours. These tours show you the beer-making process. You get to see what goes into brewing the beers you like. It’s a great way to learn more and appreciate your beers more deeply.

Exploring Kent’s Brewery Taprooms

When planning your visit to Kent’s brewery taprooms, think about the different areas. Each spot offers something special for beer fans. Here are some suggestions:

  • Canterbury is full of history and has several brewery taprooms that mix old with new.
  • Tunbridge Wells has a lively craft beer scene, with welcoming taprooms and a wide beer selection.
  • In Whitstable, enjoy a beer while looking at the sea. Its coastal location makes it unique.

In Kent, you’ll find brewery taprooms that suit all tastes. Kent is a great place for both expert beer lovers and newcomers. So, get a pint and dive into the rich beer culture Kent offers.

The Perfect Destination for Beer Enthusiasts

If you’re a beer enthusiast looking for a unique experience, Kent’s brewery taprooms are the place to be. These taprooms offer a wide selection of craft beers that will make your taste buds happy. Whether you’re well-versed in beer or just starting, Kent’s taprooms will grow your love for quality brews.

At these taprooms, friendly and expert staff will help you choose your beer. They love their craft and want to share their knowledge with you. Enjoy your beer in a cosy atmosphere, surrounded by others who love artisanal brews as much as you do.

Immerse Yourself in the Craft Beer Scene

Kent’s brewery taprooms offer more than just great beer. They let you learn about the brewing process, the ingredients, and the stories behind each drink. This knowledge makes your beer experience even more special.

Looking for a traditional English ale, a hoppy IPA, or something experimental? The taprooms in Kent have it all. You can try different beers and find new favourites on your tasting adventure.

Visiting the brewery taprooms in Kent opens up a world of flavours and craftsmanship. Each beer has its story, and every sip is pure joy.

Exploring Kent’s taprooms lets you meet the brewers. Many places let you see how beer is made and talk to the creators. It’s your chance to meet the people who make your beer and learn about their craft.

So, if you want to know more about beer or just enjoy a nice pint, visit Kent’s brewery taprooms. You’ll find a world of artisanal beer spots that will quench your thirst for outstanding craft beers.

Supporting Local Brewers and the Community

Visiting brewery taprooms in Kent is more than a treat. It’s a way to back local brewers and the community. These places focus on using local ingredients and working with nearby businesses. This boosts local products. By going there, you help the local brew scene grow and last.

In Kent, many taprooms get their supplies nearby. This means the beers are fresh and top-quality. Supporting them helps local farmers and suppliers too. It’s good for everyone!

These taprooms do even more for the community. Some help keep the North Downs Way National Trail in good shape. This trail is loved by many. By visiting, you aid in keeping this spot beautiful.

Taprooms often work with other local businesses. They might have events or live music. This brings everyone together and helps the economy. They’re not just places for beer but are community centers too.

Next time you want a pint, think about going to a local brewpub in Kent. You’ll enjoy great beer and help the community and the brewing industry.

Brewery TaproomsLocationSpecialty
The Curious BreweryAshfordCraft Beers and Ciders
Breakwater BreweryDoverReal Ales and Craft Beers
The Old Dairy BreweryTenterdenTraditional English Ales
Ripple Steam BreweryDoverSteam Beers and Stouts

Table: Sample Brewery Taprooms in Kent

Plan Your Beer Journey in Kent

If you’re planning a beer-themed journey in Kent, look into visiting brewery taprooms. They offer a variety of unique beers, tasty food, and a friendly atmosphere. Kent is the ideal place for a beer journey.

Begin by using the Brewery Map to find the best microbreweries in Kent. You can try different craft beers and see how they’re made. Whether you like traditional English ales or IPAs, there’s something for everyone.

Remember the Ale of the Trail Passport too. It lets you explore Kent’s brewing history along the North Downs Way. By enjoying a pint of local beer, you help keep this historic path alive.

So, get your pint ready and start exploring Kent’s brewery taprooms. Delve into the unique tastes and lively scenes that this county has to share. Cheers to a memorable beer experience!


Are there any brewery taprooms in Kent?

Yes, Kent boasts a lively craft beer scene. It has many brewery taprooms. They offer unique and tasty brews.

Where can I find the best brewery tours in Kent?

The best tours are at The Curious Brewery in Ashford, Kent. You can learn about brewing and enjoy great beers and ciders.

Which taproom in Kent draws inspiration from the West Coast of the USA and Germany?

Breakwater Brewery in Dover, Kent, is the place. They craft exceptional beers. Their inspiration comes from the West Coast of the USA and Germany.

Are there brewery taprooms along the North Downs Way?

Indeed, the North Downs Way offers an “Ale Trail.” It’s a partnership with local breweries. Walkers can explore and enjoy.

What is the brewing history in Kent?

Kent has a long hop growing history. It’s linked to the brewing industry. This tradition has lasted centuries.

What types of beers can I find in brewery taprooms in Kent?

In Kent, you’ll find diverse beer styles. This includes traditional English ales, IPAs, and experimental brews.

Are brewery taprooms in Kent suitable for beer enthusiasts?

Absolutely. Kent’s taprooms offer an immersive experience. They have expertly brewed craft beers and a welcoming environment.

How do brewery taprooms in Kent support the community?

Many taprooms in Kent use local ingredients. They work with local businesses. They also help keep the North Downs Way in good shape.

How can I plan a beer journey in Kent?

Use the Brewery Map and Ale of the Trail Passport. They will guide your exploration of Kent’s best taprooms, enhancing your beer journey.

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