Best Brewery Taprooms London – Craft Beer Gems

Discover London's top brewery taprooms where unique craft beer and vibrant atmospheres await. Experience the city's finest brews!
Best Brewery Taprooms London – Craft Beer Gems

London’s craft beer scene is alive and buzzing. You’ll find brewery taprooms, brew pubs, and independent breweries all over. Whether you love trying new beers or just want a unique place to drink, London has it all. There are family-run breweries and cutting-edge microbreweries, all offering the freshest pints in town.

Exale Brewery

Exale Brewery in London is famous for its craft beer and unique taproom. They use top ingredients and modern methods to brew their tasty beers. Visitors can try different beers and learn about brewing on tours.

Long Arm Pub & Brewery

Long Arm Pub & Brewery is in East London, changing how we see pubs. They brew fresh beers right there, with six types always ready to drink. It’s a great place to try different craft beers and enjoy a fun vibe.

Hammerton Brewery

Hammerton Brewery stands out in London for its great beers. They pick the best ingredients and use new brewing methods to make their drinks. The brewery also has events like beer tastings and yoga, attracting both beer fans and others.


For cider fans, Hawkes is the first cidery in London and a must-visit. It’s in the Bermondsey Beer Mile and has its own ciders and some guest beers. They also serve tasty wood-fired pizzas in a lively setting.

Two Tribes Brewery & Campfire Taproom

Two Tribes Brewery & Campfire Taproom is a top choice near King’s Cross. They have lots of craft beers, food cooked on a fire, and live shows. It’s a fun place for beer lovers, thanks to its great taproom and location.

Hackney Church Brew Co

Hackney Church Brew Co is in East London and great for beer lovers. They offer six special brews, other drinks, and excellent Indian food. The place has a friendly vibe, making it ideal for tasting the best and freshest brews.

Hackney Brewery & High Hill Taproom

For an amazing beer experience, go to Hackney Brewery & High Hill Taproom. This place in Hackney has lots of brews on tap, 20 lines, and street food. It’s like a party in a glass.

People’s Park Tavern

People’s Park Tavern is worth a visit for brewery fans. They make beers and ales on the premises. It’s a chance to enjoy great home brews in a lovely setting. They sometimes do tours and talks on brewing, which are interesting.

Key Takeaways

  • London has a variety of brewery taprooms and independent breweries.
  • Exale Brewery offers unique taproom experiences with top-quality craft beers.
  • Long Arm Pub & Brewery serves freshly brewed pints on-site.
  • Hammerton Brewery is known for its distinct beers.
  • Hawkes is the go-to cidery in London, with homemade ciders.
  • Two Tribes Brewery & Campfire Taproom is favoured in King’s Cross for its beers and live entertainment.
  • Hackney Church Brew Co has signature brews and delicious Indian food.
  • Hackney Brewery & High Hill Taproom has a wide beer selection and street food.
  • People’s Park Tavern brews its own beers and occasionally runs tours and talks.

Exale Brewery

Exale Brewery is a London craft beer maker with a unique taproom. They are committed to making the best craft beers with top-quality ingredients and new brewing methods. It’s a great spot for beer lovers or anyone wanting to enjoy a pint.

In Exale Brewery, you can try a mix of locally made beers. Their range includes hoppy IPAs and rich stouts. There’s a beer for all tastes. The taproom in London offers a friendly atmosphere to enjoy with friends or meet new people.

If you want to learn about beer making, Exale Brewery has tastings and tours. They let you see how craft beer is made. On the tours, you can see the equipment, ask questions, and understand more about beer crafting.

For anyone in London, whether living there or just visiting, Exale Brewery is a top choice for craft beer fans. It’s known for its passion, creativity, and sense of community in the London craft beer world.

The Brewing Process at Exale Brewery

“Our brewing process starts with the best ingredients and a promise of quality.”

  1. The process begins with mashing, soaking grains in hot water to get fermentable sugars.
  2. Then, the wort is boiled, and hops are added for taste, bitterness, and scent.
  3. Next, yeast is added to the cooled wort to start fermentation. This turns sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide.
  4. During conditioning, the beer’s flavors develop and it gets its fizz.
  5. Finally, the beer is packaged in kegs, cans, or bottles, ready for you to enjoy.

At Exale Brewery, we closely monitor every brewing step. This assures the best quality and unique brews that stand out in the craft beer world.

Long Arm Pub & Brewery

Long Arm Pub & Brewery is transforming the pub world in East London. They brew their beers right on the spot. This means each pint is fresh and full of taste. Their taproom in London offers a lively place for beer lovers to enjoy.

Long Arm Pub & Brewery is proud of its unique taproom experience. They always have six different beers ready for you to try. No matter what you like – hoppy IPAs, smooth stouts, or fresh lagers, they’ve got it.

Discover the Craft Beer Rotation

Visiting Long Arm Pub & Brewery is exciting because of their craft beer rotation. They change their beer selection often. Every time you come, you get to try new and interesting flavors. They make every pint on-site with lots of care and skill.

“Long Arm Pub & Brewery is a hidden gem in East London. I love coming here to try their fresh pints and enjoy the lively vibe. It’s a top place for anyone who loves craft beer.”

– Beer enthusiast

If you love craft beer or want to try more, Long Arm Pub & Brewery is perfect. You get a fun taproom, fresh beers, and changing selections. It’s a great spot to experience East London’s best craft brews in a friendly place.

Hammerton Brewery

Welcome to Hammerton Brewery, situated right in London’s heart. Here, we put our heart into making outstanding beers. We use top-notch ingredients and modern methods. Our love for brewing shows in every beer we make. We invite you to a truly special beer journey with us.

At Hammerton Brewery, we think beer is best when shared. That’s why we host beer tasting events often. Here, you can try a wide range of our beers and discover new tastes. These events are perfect for anyone. Whether you know a lot about beer or are just starting, you’re in for a treat.

Want to know more about how beer is made? Come on one of our brewery tours. Our guides know tons about brewing. They’ll show you how we make our beers in our high-tech facility. You’ll learn a lot about brewing art and science.

“The beer tastings at Hammerton Brewery are a must for any beer lover. The variety of flavors and styles is truly impressive, and the staff’s passion for their craft is infectious.” – Beer enthusiast

Hammerton Brewery isn’t just about beer. We hold unique events like brewery yoga. Imagine doing yoga in a place that smells like fresh beer. It’s a unique way to relax and find peace amid brewing.

Upcoming Events:

  • Beer Tasting Masterclass – Learn the secrets of beer tasting from our expert brewers
  • Brewery Yoga – Find your balance and relax in our brewing sanctuary
  • Meet the Brewer – Get to know the faces behind your favorite brews

You’re always welcome at Hammerton Brewery. We’re committed to making your visit memorable. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned beer lover or new to craft beer. Our friendly team is here to ensure you have a great time.

So, come and explore the world of independent brewing with us in London. You’ll love the unique flavors, the lively atmosphere, and the friendship among craft beer fans. Keep up with us online for the latest news and event updates.

Beer Tasting EventsDateTime
Flavorful HopsOctober 15, 20226:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Sour SensationsNovember 5, 20227:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Winter WarmersDecember 10, 20225:00 PM – 7:00 PM


The Bermondsey Beer Mile in London is known for its exciting craft beer world. Yet, there’s a special place tucked away among the breweries and taprooms – Hawkes. It’s London’s first cidery, making it a special spot for those who love cider and craft beer.

At Hawkes, you get to taste homemade ciders. These are made with love and deep knowledge. They use different apples to make ciders that are fresh and full of taste.

Hawkes isn’t just about cider. It also has a brewery and taproom. This place lets you dive into the beer scene while enjoying their amazing cider. They focus on local craft brewing, and their taproom showcases top-quality guest beers for any beer lover.

Don’t overlook their wood-fired pizzas. These pizzas are perfect with your drink. They offer a tasty and fulfilling eating experience.

Hawkes sits in the middle of the Bermondsey Beer Mile. It’s the perfect place to dive into London’s craft drink world. Whether you prefer cider or beer, this cidery and brewery offers a lively setting to discover new flavours.

Why Visit Hawkes?Highlights
Wide selection of homemade cidersRefreshing and flavourful
Brewery and taproom experienceExplore the world of craft beer
Wood-fired pizzasDelicious and satisfying
Located in the vibrant Bermondsey Beer MileImmerse yourself in London’s craft beverage scene

If you’re a fan of cider, a beer lover, or just want a memorable time, visit Hawkes when you’re in the Bermondsey Beer Mile. Cheers!

Two Tribes Brewery & Campfire Taproom

Two Tribes Brewery & Campfire Taproom lies in King’s Cross’s core. It’s a lively spot known for its unforgettable taproom vibe. Craft ales, fire-cooked meals, and live shows make it a top place for those who love beer and good food.

In this taproom, you can dive into the world of craft ales. Hoppy IPAs, smooth stouts, or refreshing lagers – there’s a wide choice. With classic and new brews, it’s a paradise for anyone’s taste.

The beer is just the beginning. Two Tribes also excels in fire-cooked food that’s simply delicious. Treat yourself to burgers or grilled skewers, each with a touch of open fire flavor.

Live entertainment is part of the experience, too. Enjoy live bands, DJs, or solo performers while you’re here. It’s the perfect backdrop as you sip your ale and eat tasty food.

Two Tribes boasts a cool outdoor area for gatherings. It’s ideal for relaxing, meeting friends, or special celebrations. This spot ensures your memories will be special.

Hackney Church Brew Co

Hackney Church Brew Co is a top brewery and taproom in East London. It’s well-loved by beer fans around. They offer a range of signature brews. Each one is made with care to give unique tastes and a great drinking experience.

The place has a lively and welcoming vibe. It’s the perfect spot to relax with mates and enjoy a good pint. They cater to all beer lovers, guaranteeing something for everyone.

Besides their East London brewery, they serve tasty Indian food. Their menu has many delicious dishes that go well with their beers. It’s a fantastic place for a drink and delightful cuisine.

Hackney Brewery & High Hill Taproom

Looking for a top spot in Hackney for fresh brews? Hackney Brewery & High Hill Taproom is your answer. With 20 lines on tap and various street food vendors, it’s a haven for beer lovers. This place is a celebration, all in a pint glass.

For those who love craft beer, this taproom is perfect. You’ll find hoppy IPAs, smooth stouts, and refreshing lagers. There’s a tasty brew for every palate.

Enter this lively taproom for a deep dive into craft beer. Hackney Brewery & High Hill Taproom brings you a range of brews. From the classics to unique tastes, every beer is a fresh delight.

But there’s more than beer here. Food lovers will find heaven with the rotating food stalls. Enjoy juicy burgers or tasty tacos with your pint.

Hackney Brewery & High Hill Taproom is all about fun and friendliness. It’s great for nights out with friends, unwinding, or special celebrations. You’ll always feel welcomed in this vibrant atmosphere.

Don’t settle for a regular night out. Choose Hackney Brewery & High Hill Taproom for an unmatched beer experience. With fantastic brews, food choices, and a warm vibe, it’s a beer enthusiast’s dream.

People’s Park Tavern

Located in East London, the People’s Park Tavern is a top spot for craft beer lovers. They have an on-site brewery. Here, you can try a variety of home-brewed beers and ales, each packed with unique flavours. Whether you fancy hoppy IPAs or smooth stouts, there’s a drink for everyone.

For those keen on brewing, the tavern offers tours and talks sometimes. During these sessions, you dive into the brewing world. You’ll learn about the ingredients and techniques used. It’s a great chance to see how passion shapes every batch of beer.

The People’s Park Tavern is more than just a bar. It’s a place where beer fans can explore new tastes in a lovely setting. With its chill vibe, it’s the perfect spot to relax with friends. And of course, to enjoy some of the finest craft beers around.


Where can I find the best brewery taprooms in London?

London boasts several top-notch brewery taprooms. You can visit places like Exale Brewery and Long Arm Pub & Brewery. Hammerton Brewery, Hawkes, Two Tribes Brewery & Campfire Taproom, and more are also great. Each location offers unique craft beers and a memorable taproom experience.

Can I take part in brewery tours in London?

Yes, you can enjoy brewery tours in London. Exale Brewery lets visitors see how they brew their beer. Hammerton Brewery also offers tours. You can learn about brewing methods and taste different beers.

What can I expect at a brewery taproom in London?

Expect a lively, relaxed setting in London’s brewery taprooms. They serve a variety of craft beers fresh from the tap. Many places also provide tasty food, beer tastings, and fun entertainment.

Are there any independent breweries in London?

Yes, London has many independent breweries. Hammerton Brewery is known for its craft beers and tasting events. Hackney Church Brew Co, in East London, offers unique brews and excellent Indian food.

Where can I find craft beer bars in London?

In London, craft beer bars are everywhere. Try Long Arm Pub & Brewery for beers brewed on-site. Two Tribes Brewery & Campfire Taproom is another great choice for craft ales and fire-cooked food.

Which breweries in London have their own on-site taprooms?

Several London breweries boast on-site taprooms. Visit Exale Brewery or Long Arm Pub & Brewery for a start. Two Tribes Brewery & Campfire Taproom and others also welcome visitors. These places allow you to try breweries’ own beers in a cozy atmosphere.

Are there any brewery taprooms near me in London?

The presence of brewery taprooms near you in London depends on your location. The city’s full of independent breweries, so finding a nearby taproom is likely. Try local brewery scenes or online finders to discover taprooms close to you.

Can I find brewery taprooms in London with a variety of food options?

Yes, many London taprooms offer great food with their beers. Hawkes has a cidery and wood-fired pizzas. Hackney Church Brew Co and Hackney Brewery & High Hill Taproom have Indian food and street food vendors. People’s Park Tavern pairs home brews with tasty dishes.

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