Discover Sussex’s Finest Brewery Taprooms

Embark on a journey through Sussex's brewery taprooms, sampling the finest craft beers in local, atmospheric settings.
Discover Sussex’s Finest Brewery Taprooms

Sussex boasts a lively craft beer scene. There are many brewery taprooms with unique vibes and tasty beers. Around Lewes to Arundel, this guide highlights top spots in Sussex. Here, you can try the best craft beers in cosy environments.

Key Takeaways:

  • Explore the diverse craft beer venues in Sussex.
  • Experience the local brewery bars and their excellent beer tasting rooms.
  • Discover microbrewery pubs with their own taprooms and unique atmospheres.
  • Immerse yourself in the best beer spots that Sussex has to offer.

Beak Brewery in Lewes

Beak Brewery sits under Lewes’s towering chalk cliffs. It’s a paradise for anyone who loves craft beer. The taproom offers a relaxed setting that matches their high-quality craft beer perfectly.

Enter the taproom to see huge foudres and steel tanks. These tanks surround visitors, letting them see how beer is made. This experience helps you appreciate the effort that goes into each pint.

The yard outside is spacious, perfect for enjoying the sun and a beer. No matter if you like hoppy IPAs, smooth stouts, or pale ales, Beak Brewery has it all.

But there’s more to Beak Brewery than great beer. The taproom hosts fun events too. From live music to Toads tournaments, these events make your visit even more enjoyable.

“The taproom at Beak Brewery is a great spot to relax with friends and enjoy amazing craft beer. The vibe is chill, the beer is top-notch, and the events always bring something exciting.”

If you’re into craft beer or just want a fun experience, you should visit Beak Brewery in Lewes. Dive into the craft beer world, enjoy the friendly vibe, and see why Beak Brewery is a treasure in Sussex.

Upcoming Events at Beak Brewery:

  • Live Music Night – Every Friday, enjoy local musicians while you drink your favorite beer.
  • Toads Tournaments – Compete in Toads game tournaments. They’re held often in the taproom.
LocationContact InformationOpening Hours
Lewes123 High Street, Lewes, BN7 1XYThursday-Sunday: 12pm-10pm

For more details and the latest on events and beer releases, visit Beak Brewery’s website. Don’t miss this chance to see the craft and community at Beak Brewery.

Abyss Brewing in Lewes

Abyss Brewing sits in an old Maltings building in Lewes. It’s a must-visit spot in Sussex’s craft beer world. The taproom is eye-catching and their beers stand out, making it a favourite for those who love beer.

The brewery tap came to life thanks to a Crowdfunder campaign in 2021. This allowed them to welcome guests. The taproom shows their love for beer and design. It mixes modern style with the old charm of the Maltings, inviting you to enjoy their beers.

Inside, a large yard with a canopy waits for you. It’s perfect for hanging out and chatting. Abyss Brewing offers a range of beers like IPAs, lagers, and stouts. There’s something for everyone.

Their beers are the main draw, but the food adds extra appeal. Try a burrito from Carlito Burrito. This mix of great beer and tasty burritos will make you want to return.

Why Visit Abyss Brewing

  • Discover unique craft beers in a visually striking taproom
  • Experience the charm and history of the Maltings building
  • Relax in the spacious yard with a stretch canopy
  • Indulge in delicious burritos from Carlito Burrito

Experience the perfect blend of exceptional beers and delectable food at Abyss Brewing. With its visually striking taproom, spacious yard, and mouthwatering burritos, it offers a sensory delight for beer enthusiasts and food lovers alike.

Gun Brewery in Heathfield

Gun Brewery, located in Heathfield, is a top spot for beer lovers. They’ve recently moved to a bigger, purpose-built brewery and taproom. This gives visitors a beautiful place to enjoy their craft beers.

The taproom offers a mix of Scandinavian simplicity and the cozy feel of Tuscan summers. It’s a stylish yet inviting space, ideal for a unique beer tasting session.

Gun Brewery is known for its focus on quality and range. Their taproom serves a variety of traditional cask ales, loved by many. They have both smooth cask ales and full-flavoured kegged beers, catering to all tastes.

Their commitment to small batch brewing stands out. This approach lets them constantly try out new flavours and methods. Every visit offers the chance to find exciting and distinct beers.

If you like classic cask ales or want to try small batch brews, Gun Brewery is a must-visit. Go to their taproom for some of the best craft beers, set in a friendly and beautiful setting.

Lakedown Brewing near Burwash

Lakedown Brewing is close to the pretty village of Burwash. It’s a special place with its brewery taproom near a scenic family-owned fishing lake. This cozy fishing lodge is a peaceful spot for tasting Lakedown’s top-notch beers.

Inside the taproom, you’ll find a warm, welcoming space. The décor shows the brewery’s love for craft beer, making beer lovers feel right at home. Lakedown Brewing serves their tasty beers in both cask and keg forms.

When it’s sunny, enjoy the outside seating with comfy deckchairs. You can drink your beer while listening to the calm water at the lake’s edge. It’s an ideal place for relaxing and having a cold beer with friends or family.

The brewery focuses on making beers that reflect the local area. They’re inspired by Burwash’s natural beauty and the peaceful surroundings. Lakedown Brewing creates beers that mirror this tranquil place.

If you love beer or just want a calm break, visit Lakedown Brewing’s taproom near Burwash. This hidden treasure blends excellent beer, a peaceful fishing lodge, and nature’s beauty perfectly.

Lakedown Brewing Taproom Features
Tranquil LocationThe taproom is nestled next to a family-run fishing lake, creating a peaceful and serene atmosphere.
Rustic AmbianceThe cozy fishing lodge setting reflects the brewery’s passion for craft beer, welcoming you to relax and enjoy the brews.
Outdoor SeatingDeckchairs are available for you to sit back, unwind, and soak up the sunshine.
Cask and KegLakedown Brewing serves their delicious beers on cask and keg, catering to varied preferences.
Local InspirationThe brewery crafts beers that capture the essence of Burwash and its surroundings, celebrating the local landscape.

The Brewhouse Project in Arundel

The Brewhouse Project in Arundel is more than a taproom. It’s also a coffee house and social hub. It’s located outside town, surrounded by fields and greenery. This creates a spacious and welcoming atmosphere in an old farm shop.

At The Brewhouse Project, there is a wide range of beers. This makes it perfect for any beer enthusiast. Alongside beers from Arundel, the taproom serves guest beers from top breweries. You can find crisp lagers, hoppy IPAs, or rich stouts.

The place isn’t just for beer lovers. It’s also great for enjoying good food and company. You can enjoy local cakes and pastries with your beer. Or try some delicious Greek street food from Happy Go Souvlaki.

Looking for fun? The Brewhouse Project offers entertainment too. On Friday nights, local DJs play music. This brings a lively atmosphere, perfect for hanging out with friends.

If you love beer, coffee, or just want a friendly place to hang out, The Brewhouse Project is perfect. With great beer, tasty food, and a lively vibe, it’s a memorable spot. It’s the place to be for a fun experience.

TasteA wide selection of Arundel’s own beers and guest beers from top breweries
FoodLocally sourced cakes, pastries, and Greek street food from Happy Go Souvlaki
EntertainmentLocal DJ sets on Friday nights
AtmosphereSpacious former farm shop surrounded by fields

360 Degree Brewing Company in Uckfield

In Uckfield, the 360 Degree Brewing Company offers a standout taproom adventure. It’s near the Bluebell Railway. It has beers for all tastes. Enjoy Czech style pilsners or hoppy double IPAs here.

“360 Degree Brewing Company offers a wide range of beer selections, from Czech style pilsners to low alcohol table beer and hoppy double IPAs.”

The taproom is a great spot to chill and taste their beers. Try them on site or take some home. They also have guest beers in cans and bottles. It’s a top pick for beer lovers or anyone wanting to relax.

Here’s what you might find at 360 Degree Brewing Company:

Beer StyleDescription
Czech Style PilsnersA traditional Czech lager with a crisp, clean taste and a distinctive hop character.
Low Alcohol Table BeerA refreshing and sessionable beer with lower alcohol content, perfect for enjoying throughout the day.
Cask Best BitterA classic English ale with rich malt flavors and a balanced hop bitterness.
Hoppy Double IPAsIntensely hoppy and full-bodied, these IPAs are packed with tropical fruit flavors and a strong hop aroma.

If you’re near Uckfield, don’t miss stopping by the 360 Degree Brewing Company. Discover their fantastic beer range. Enjoy the friendly vibe of this special brewery.

Hand Brew Co and Cloak and Dagger in Worthing

In Worthing, the craft beer scene shines thanks to Hand Brew Co and Cloak and Dagger Brewing. These two breweries have made a name for themselves. They offer amazing beers and cosy taprooms.

At Hand Brew Co, you’ll find a great selection of craft beers, natural wines, and ciders. There’s something for everyone, no matter your taste. Their taproom is just a 10-minute walk from West Worthing train station. It’s a friendly place where everyone is welcome.

Cloak and Dagger Brewing‘s taproom in Worthing is also a must-visit. They serve unique brews in a relaxed setting. It’s the ideal spot to chill and dive into the local craft beer culture.

If you love craft beer, visiting the taprooms of Hand Brew Co and Cloak and Dagger Brewing is essential. Enjoy their delicious beer range or explore natural wines and ciders at Hand Brew Co. Both places are easy to get to. This means more time enjoying their drinks with less fuss.

Taproom Details:

Hand Brew Co:

  • Location: [Address]
  • Opening Hours: [Opening Hours]
  • Contact: [Phone Number]

Cloak and Dagger Brewing:

  • Location: [Address]
  • Opening Hours: [Opening Hours]
  • Contact: [Phone Number]

Explore the craft beer culture in Worthing by visiting Hand Brew Co and Cloak and Dagger Brewing. Whether you’re local or just visiting, they offer a true taste of the town’s lively beer scene.

BreweryLocationTaproom Details
Hand Brew CoWorthing[Address]
[Opening Hours]
[Phone Number]
Cloak and Dagger BrewingWorthing[Address]
[Opening Hours]
[Phone Number]

Little Monster Brewing Co near Chichester

In the National Park near Chichester, Little Monster Brewing Co is a treasure for beer fans. Its cosy brewery taproom offers a lovely visit.

This brewery takes pride in its diverse beer range. It has everything from fruity sours to strong double IPAs.

Taking a walk in the Downlands before visiting is a great idea. Then, enjoy a pint in the taproom. The peaceful setting and lovely views are perfect for enjoying their beers.

Their taproom opens for the public two weekends each month. This creates an exclusive feel. Remember to visit on these weekends for a special beer experience.

Little Monster Brewing Co Tasting Notes

BeerTasting Notes
Fruity SourA vibrant and tangy brew with notes of tropical fruits and a refreshing acidity.
Dank Double IPAAn intensely hoppy and resinous beer, bursting with flavors of pine and citrus.
Session Pale AleA light and easy-drinking beer with a balanced hop character and a crisp finish.
StoutA rich and velvety beer, boasting flavors of roasted malt, chocolate, and coffee.

The brewery promises an unforgettable beer adventure in the National Park. Make sure to visit and enjoy their unique brews and taproom atmosphere.

The Hop Sun in Haywards Heath

The Hop Sun has just opened in Haywards Heath. It’s a cool brewery taproom with a lively feel. It’s in an old Victorian abattoir and showcases beers from Heathen Brewers. You’ll also find a selection of other local craft beers here.

This place stands out with its original brick walls and steel support beams. The decor is unique, making it a welcoming spot. It’s perfect for beer lovers or those just wanting to relax.

Besides great beer, The Hop Sun offers hand-picked wines and tasty pizza from Piani Italian Pizza. With its local touches, cool lights, and friendly vibe, it’s a top spot in Haywards Heath.


Are the brewery taprooms open to the public?

Yes, they are open, giving you a chance to try their craft beers. These places have a great atmosphere.

Do the taprooms host events?

Indeed, places like Beak Brewery in Lewes host live music and more. For events, see their websites or social media.

Can I enjoy food while visiting the taprooms?

Absolutely! Many serve food options. Abyss Brewing in Lewes has Mexican street food from Carlito Burrito.The Brewhouse Project in Arundel offers cakes, pastries, and Greek food from Happy Go Souvlaki. At The Hop Sun in Haywards Heath, you can enjoy Piani Italian Pizza.

Can I buy beer to take away from the taprooms?

Yes, you can often buy beer to enjoy at home. Check their takeaway options.

Are the taprooms family-friendly?

Many are welcoming to families. But it’s wise to check their policies on children first.

Can I find beers from other breweries at these taprooms?

Yes, some, like The Brewhouse Project in Arundel, have guest beers. They offer a wide range of craft beers.

Do the taprooms offer outdoor seating?

Yes, many have places to sit outside. Examples include Beak Brewery in Lewes and Gun Brewery in Heathfield.

Can I purchase merchandise from the taprooms?

Some may sell their own merchandise. Check the taproom or their website if you’re interested.

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