Summer Fun in Kent: Best Activities & Events

Summer Fun in Kent: Best Activities & Events

Kent is known as the Garden of England, a perfect spot for those loving stories, nature, and culture. It has beautiful beaches, old towns, and a lively cultural scene. Perfect for a quick trip with friends or a quiet family holiday. Getting there is easy from London, thanks to Southeastern’s fast trains.

Kent offers a lot of fun summer activities and events. It invites visitors to dive into its blend of nature, history, and culture. You can find something for everyone, whether you’re visiting with family or looking for adventure.

Key Takeaways

  • Kent is popularly known as the Garden of England, perfect for summer explorations.
  • It offers a plethora of activities suitable for different interests, from nature to culture.
  • The county is easily accessible from London, especially via Southeastern’s high-speed train links.
  • Kent’s diverse attractions include picturesque beaches, historical towns, and lively cultural events.
  • Family-friendly attractions and top places to visit in Kent cater to all types of visitors.
  • An ideal destination for both bustling breaks and peaceful retreats.

Coastal Explorations: Dover, Deal, and Sandwich

Dover, Deal, and Sandwich are ideal for those who love the coast in Kent. These towns have thrilling activities for a great summer.

The White Cliffs of Dover offer amazing views and a deep historical feel. Walking here gives you stunning scenes and a peek into history. They are a top pick for anyone visiting Kent this summer.

Deal combines history with fun. It has old smugglers’ lanes, lively markets, and cute shops. It’s great for those exploring Kent’s coast. You can wander in its small streets, finding nice cafés and shops.

Sandwich is famous for its beauty and history. Its old streets and medieval buildings offer a quiet escape. Golf fans will find it exciting, especially with big tournaments like The Open. It’s a top place to visit in Kent this summer.

“The coastal towns of Dover, Deal, and Sandwich are quintessential destinations for those seeking both history and maritime adventures.”

Town Highlights
Dover White Cliffs, historical sites, panoramic views
Deal Smugglers’ lanes, local markets, cafes
Sandwich Charming streets, golf tournaments, medieval architecture

These coastal spots in Kent mix great sights and fun activities. Dover, Deal, and Sandwich have something for all. History enthusiasts, shoppers, or golf lovers will find joy here.

Cultural Highlights: Folkestone Artworks

Folkestone Artworks brings together culture and creativity on the Kent coast. It’s the UK’s biggest urban outdoor art show. It features works by famous artists from around the world. Visitors get to experience amazing Folkestone outdoor art against a stunning coastal view.

Exploring Outdoor Art

Visiting Folkestone Artworks feels like entering an outdoor gallery. Each artwork is placed to complement its environment. It encourages visitors to stop and enjoy the art and scenery. It’s a top way to see cultural experiences in Kent, blending nature with artistic expression.

Top Exhibits to See

The Folkestone Artworks trail includes several must-see places in Kent. Art lovers and casual viewers alike should see:

  • Anomaly – Nathan Coley’s piece that explores identity and space.
  • Another Time – Sculptures by Antony Gormley on the beach.
  • Holiday Home – Bright, eye-catching houses by Richard Woods in surprising spots.

These artworks encourage discussions and are great for photos. They make Folkestone a key cultural spot in Kent.

A trip to Folkestone Artworks offers a deep dive into modern art by the sea. It’s a must-visit for everyone, highlighting must-see places in Kent.

A Historical Retreat: Hever Castle & Gardens

Hever Castle & Gardens is a top family-friendly attraction in Kent. It takes you back in time. It boasts stunning Tudor architecture and was Anne Boleyn’s childhood home. This place lets visitors explore a rich, romantic past.

The historic castle sits amidst eight acres of beautiful gardens and woodlands. It’s the perfect historical retreat in Kent. You can walk the Broadwalk and the Queen Mother’s Garden. Here, the castle’s reflection dances on the water, telling stories of heritage and beauty.

A trip to Hever Castle must include trying the estate’s fresh, homegrown produce. This culinary experience makes the visit even more unforgettable. It ensures a delightful day for everyone.

Attraction Description
Hever Castle Childhood home of Anne Boleyn, featuring stunning Tudor architecture.
Gardens & Woodlands Eight acres of beautifully maintained gardens and lush woodlands.
Broadwalk Scenic pathway offering reflections of the castle on tranquil waters.
Queen Mother’s Garden Another picturesque garden providing a serene atmosphere.
Onsite-grown Produce Fresh, local produce available for visitors to enjoy.

Unique Taste Experiences in Faversham

Faversham, in the heart of Kent, is a gem for food lovers. This market town merges great food with beautiful coastal scenes. It’s a prime spot for seasonal events and tasty adventures.

Gourmet Delights

Faversham delights those who love fine dining and local foods. You’ll find exquisite cheeses and hand-made pastries. They reflect the area’s lush farms. The local markets are full of unique products from close-knit producers.

Charming Market Towns

Faversham’s markets are known for their beauty and lively atmosphere. Here, you’ll find special events with crafts, fresh produce, and delicious street food. The area’s calm meets scenic trails and beaches for a relaxing and food-filled experience.

Let’s dive deeper into what makes Faversham’s food scene special:

Event Date Highlights
Faversham Hop Festival September Hop-picking heritage, local brews, live music
Faversham Food Festival May Farm-to-table dishes, artisan stalls, cooking demos
Monthly Artisan Market First Saturday of each month Handmade crafts, gourmet foods, local artwork

Things to do in Kent this summer: Family Fun at Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle is in beautiful Kent countryside. It offers many summer activities in Kent perfect for families. With its stunning views and rich history, it has events for all.

Adventure Golf

The adventure golf at Leeds Castle is a real treat. It’s fun and challenging, mixing in history. Families will love moving through the unique obstacles in green settings.

Interactive History Tours

Leeds Castle also brings history to life. The interactive history tours let visitors dive into its past. You’ll see grand rooms and hear about the castle’s history.

Activity Description Ideal For
Adventure Golf Engaging course with historical themes and creative obstacles Families
Interactive History Tours Guided tours that bring the castle’s history to life All Ages

Want a day of adventure golf or to learn history? Leeds Castle offers amazing fun events in Kent. It’s a great place for families seeking summer fun.

Outdoor Adventures: Canoeing in the Wild

Kent’s waterways offer exciting canoeing experiences for thrill-seekers. Paddling through calm landscapes, kayaking and paddleboarding bring a dynamic interaction with the area’s waterways.

Kayaking and Paddleboarding

Get the thrill of outdoor activities in Kent with kayaking and paddleboarding. These sports let you see Kent’s beauty from the water, connecting you with nature. They also provide a great physical workout.

Paddle Star Award

The Paddle Star Award is for paddlers of all ages. It recognises skill and builds a community of water sports fans. This award underlines skill and encourages ongoing improvement in canoeing in Kent.

Activity Experience Level Key Locations
Kayaking Beginner to Advanced River Medway, Stour
Paddleboarding Beginner to Advanced Bewl Water, Romney Marsh
Canoeing Beginner to Advanced Royal Military Canal, River Medway

This mix of awards and activities makes Kent a top place for outdoor activities. Taking part offers fun and a chance to make friends. It’s an unforgettable adventure.

Exploring Kent’s Beer and Pub Scene

Kent is known for its great beers and traditional pubs. Shepherd Neame, the oldest brewer in Britain, leads this scene. You’ll find everything from snug country inns to stylish city bars here. All are perfect for enjoying a drink in the summer.

Are you into cask, keg, or bottled ales? Kent’s pubs offer the perfect spot to try these drinks. You’ll enjoy beautiful views too. Visitors love mixing fine ales with outdoor fun. It’s what makes Kent special.

Feature Country Inns City Bars
Ambience Cosy and intimate Modern and vibrant
Main Brew Offerings Cask ales, traditional lagers Keg options, bottled craft beers
Outdoor Space Spacious beer gardens Roof terraces

Here are the top picks if you want to dive into Kent’s beer and pub scene:

  1. The Kings Head in Wye – Known for excellent cask ales and near beautiful walking trails. It’s great for outdoor lovers.
  2. Fuggles Beer Café in Tonbridge – A trendy bar with a wide range of craft beers. They hold tasting events too.
  3. The Black Horse in Pluckley – Noted for its cosy, haunted vibe and great local beers.

“Shepherd Neame represents Kent’s brewing heritage well. It offers something for both traditional and modern beer lovers. It stands for quality, flavour, and history.”

Explore Kent’s traditional pubs and discover a world rich in heritage and flavour. It’s a community proud of its brewing past.

City Culture: Canterbury Adventures

Canterbury, a gem in Kent, is packed with history, culture, and lovely city vibes. It’s one of Kent’s must-visit spots. The city is known for its unique heritage. It provides endless chances for exploration and cultural deep dives.

Historical Walks

Experience Canterbury’s culture with historical walks. Take a trip back in time. The cobblestone paths and medieval buildings are like a museum come to life.

The Canterbury Cathedral and St Augustine’s Abbey are key spots. They’re both rich in history. Walking the twisted lanes uncovers the city’s hidden tales.

Summer Events

Summer in Canterbury is filled with lively events that show the city’s cultural spirit. There’s a lot to enjoy, from festivals to outdoor theatre. Picnics in the beautiful gardens are common.

Boat tours on the River Stour offer a special view of the city. They’re relaxing and teach you about Canterbury’s history.

Event Name Date Location Highlights
Canterbury Festival October Various Venues Music, Theatre, Arts
Medieval Pageant July City Centre Historical Re-enactments, Parades
Outdoor Theatre June – August Various Parks Classic Plays, Picnics

Canterbury is a standout destination in Kent, offering a mix of history and modern flair. Its historical tours and exciting summer events promise every visitor a rich and unforgettable journey.

Family Day Out at Port Lympne

In the lovely county of Kent, Port Lympne is a wonderful spot for family adventures with wildlife. This award-winning reserve covers 600 acres. It is filled with a vast range of animals, offering exciting wildlife encounters and experiences.

Animal Encounters

Port Lympne is great at giving visitors fantastic animal experiences. You can hear the loud roars of lions and watch monkeys play. Families will love seeing giraffes up close and admiring the big rhinos. These animal encounters are fun and teach us a lot, making it a top place for a family day out in Kent.

Special Events

In August, Port Lympne is full of special events that add to the fun. Kids will be thrilled to meet characters from PAW Patrol. There are also themed activities and seasonal fun to keep everyone excited. This makes the reserve perfect for making lasting family memories.

Event Date Description
PAW Patrol Meet and Greet 5th August Interactive sessions with beloved PAW Patrol characters, ideal for young children.
Wildlife Photography Workshop 12th August A workshop designed for amateur photographers to capture the beauty of wildlife within the reserve.
Conservation Talks 19th August Engaging talks by experts about conservation efforts and the work being done at Port Lympne.
Family Safari 26th August A guided safari tour tailored for families, offering close encounters with various species.

Seaside Pleasures: Whitstable & Herne Bay

Whitstable and Herne Bay are the essence of British seaside charm. They offer fresh air and many joys. Whitstable is famous for its oysters and has great food for food lovers. It also has the Crab and Winkle Way, perfect for those wanting adventure and beautiful views.

Herne Bay delights with its Victorian bandstand and lively pier amusements. It’s a top place for family fun on the coast of Kent. This town captures the feel of British summer perfectly. It’s a spot everyone should visit for a lovely seaside break.

Attraction Highlights Activities
Whitstable Famous Oysters, Quaint Harbour Gastronomy, Cycling, Coastal Walks
Herne Bay Victorian Bandstand, Pier Family Games, Water Sports, Amusement Park


Our summer journey through Kent has come to an end. It’s a perfect time to think about the mix of places and activities it offers. From Dover’s beaches to the history-filled Hever Castle, Kent has lots to remember. There’s something for everyone, whether it’s tasting Faversham’s local treats, enjoying Folkestone’s culture, or having fun in Shepherd Neame’s lively pubs. Kent is welcoming and has plenty to do.

For families, Kent is great with its kid-friendly adventures. Leeds Castle has lots of history to explore and fun tours. Port Lympne offers unforgettable times with animals. And the seaside fun in Whitstable and Herne Bay makes Kent even more inviting. It’s a place where relaxation and joy come together perfectly.

Getting to Kent from London is easy, thanks to Southeastern’s fast trains. This makes Kent a top choice for a break from the city. With so many different things to do, Kent is a must-visit in the summer. It doesn’t matter if you’re after adventure, calm, or culture, a summer in Kent is sure to impress.


What are some popular summer activities in Kent?

Kent’s summer is vibrant with activities. Coastal towns like Dover, Deal, and Sandwich are great to explore. Historical sites such as Hever Castle & Gardens are must-see attractions.Kayaking and paddleboarding are popular too. There’s fun for the family at Leeds Castle and Port Lympne. Plus, the Folkestone Artworks outdoor exhibition adds a cultural touch.

What can I do when visiting Dover, Deal, and Sandwich?

Dover awaits with stunning White Cliffs views and historical depths. Deal, with its smugglers’ lanes, offers unique shopping. Sandwich, charming and quaint, is famous for hosting The Open.

What makes Folkestone Artworks a cultural highlight in Kent?

Folkestone Artworks, the UK’s largest outdoor contemporary art exhibition, is noteworthy. It offers a trail of engaging pieces by famous artists. It’s a treasure trove for #instaworthy moments.

Why should I visit Hever Castle & Gardens?

Hever Castle & Gardens is a journey into history with stunning Tudor architecture. Its eight acres of gardens and woodlands are breathtaking. The childhood home of Anne Boleyn, it offers magnificent views and fresh produce.

What culinary experiences can I expect in Faversham?

Faversham is a food lover’s dream with gourmet foods and charming market towns. Enjoy locally-sourced foods, stunning beaches, and a serene nature reserve. It’s the perfect summer escape for food enthusiasts.

What family activities are available at Leeds Castle?

Leeds Castle invites families for adventure golf, maze explorations, and historical tours. It’s a unique mix of history and family fun, ensuring a memorable visit.

Are there outdoor adventure opportunities in Kent?

Kent is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts with canoeing, kayaking, and paddleboarding. The Paddle Star Award offers goals for beginners, making it ideal for water sports.

What can I expect from Kent’s beer and pub scene?

Kent boasts a lively beer scene managed by Shepherd Neame, Britain’s oldest brewer. Enjoy local ales in cosy country inns and sleek city bars. It’s ideal for enjoying a summer evening against scenic backdrops.

What are some cultural activities in Canterbury?

Canterbury offers historical walks, Canterbury Cathedral visits, and unique river tours. Enjoy summer festivals, picnics, and outdoor theatre. The city buzzes with cultural activities.

What can families expect at Port Lympne?

Port Lympne offers thrilling wildlife adventures with 900 species like gibbons and rhinos. It also has appearances by PAW Patrol and special events throughout August.

What attractions can I find in Whitstable and Herne Bay?

Whitstable, famous for oysters, provides gastronomy and adventure such as the Crab and Winkle Way. Herne Bay offers Victorian charm, a fun pier, and family activities. Experience the essence of the British seaside.