Our Team

Our Team

The Hukins Hops Team

We are a proud family business and are lucky to have a vibrant team of experienced and passionate people who bring a breadth of knowledge to the farm.

You can find out more about our core team and their roles below, and we also employ a range of seasonal workers and contractors during the growing season. 

If you’re interested in opportunities at the farm, we have a range of roles available across the industry. You can contact us to find out more, or send us your details.



Our resident craft beer expert, Chris will be manning the tours and tastings to bring his full professional expertise to the table!


Love a Hukins Hops decoration hop? Seen our wonderful hops taking pride of place at a wedding, or in your local pub? Thank Glenn!

Glenn handpicks your wonderful decor hops before they are packed and delivered to your door. Our decoration champion! He can answer any question however daft or technical! 

Contact Glenn: glenn@hukins-hops.co.uk


Louise is our cultivation expert and works alongside Nathan caring for our hop gardens.

We are constantly managing our soil health, reviewing inputs to improve soil health and adjusting our approach to suit each individual hop gardens needs.


Nathan is our Hop Garden Manager.

He is responsible for caring for crop health, monitoring nutrition, and irrigation. As a result Nathan will be mainly found on a tractor through the growing season often spraying right through the night for optimal conditions. 

With a long pedigree in top fruit, Nathans passion for hops and beer makes hop growing the perfect crop for him to specialise in.


Ross Hukins is the 5th generation of Hukins to grow hops on the farm. After a career in the city he came back to the family business to develop the farms future in modern hop growing and its developing alliance with the craft beer sector.

Ross is a passionate advocate for the British Hop industry, supporting British Hop Growers. He a director of the British Hop Association, Wye Hops Lld, and  Vice Chairman and a Director of Wealden Hops.


Our general dogsbody, brand rep and team motivator.

When he’s not hard at work overseeing the fields and checking crop quality, Monty can be found snoozing on the sofa in the kitchen waiting for someone to come and give him a biscuit…