Our Values

Our Values

Our Values

  • Sustainability and care for the local & global environment
  • People, Careers and Community
  • Innovation & Quality

Sustainability and care for the environment.

  • We generate all our own electricity on the farm – we strive to be green & sustainable with all of our energy uses, meaning we have a net 0 carbon footprint! Go us
  • Sustainable irrigation system – we collect rainwater in the winter to use in the summer rather than extracting from the water course. This allows us to combat climate change with ever hotter summers in a sustainable manner
  • Our grass verges and meadows are in the Natural England Higher Level Stewardship scheme. We are returning natural areas of the farm to ancient pastures, and resowing and replanting ancient flowers. 
  • We have undertaken various environmental projects with various environmental groups including Kent Wildlife Trust. We recently won an award for the creation of a wetlands area on an unused scrub area of the farm.  Come and see it!
  • Beekeeping – We are happy to see that bees are being recognised for the important work they do – we keep bees on the farm! As pollinators, they are the most important insect in the world.

People, Careers and Community.

  • We are dedicated to promoting a culture of equality, ongoing education and training for all of our staff.
  • Opportunities to work with us include sales, marketing, tour guiding and more. If you have an interest in hops and craft beer say hello to accounts@hukins-hops.co.uk
  • We enjoy working with the local community and getting involved in charity events. We are happy to offer our space for local events and charity events – please get in touch if you are from the local community and you need a hand with hops, beer or you need space. 


  • We are involved with the innovative farmers scheme trialling sustainable systems in hops, come and see to find out more
  • We have invested in a modern picking and processing systems to help continually raise our quality.
  • We work with the British Hop Industry trialling new varieties and working on experimental growing techniques including winter cover cropping and new  growing system



  • Hukins Hops are members of Red Tractor assurance, raising our standards on the farm for all our crop production.
  • Our quality management system is built on a continuous desire to improve all elements of our work from planting hops to pint pouring!