Crafted Hops for Brewing

The Hukins passion for hop viniculture stretches across four generations. For over 100 years we have been growing British hop garlands on the unique ‘terroir’ of our hop farm in the Weald of Kent. Our maritime climate, Tunbridge Wells sandstone geology and Wealden clay soil uniquely combine to give our Hops their very own set of delicate brewing aroma characteristics.

Our aroma brewing varieties include intense fruit bursts from Ernest and Bullion and the classic flavours of Fuggle, Challenger and Golding’s. They offer spicy, aromatic and zesty flavours for the creation of artisan beer styles. We are currently in the process of re-introducing a number of historic varieties no longer grown in the U.K.

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Aroma Hop Menu

Winner of the IBD National Hop Awards 2016. Our Fuggle variety dates back to 1875 and was the first true Weald of Kent hop variety. It has achieved international acclaim from brewers, heavily in demand in the US Craft Market and offers medium intensity with minty and earthy notes. It has an alpha bittering range of 4 to 6.5%.

English Fuggle

We re-introduced the heritage hop English Bullion as an aroma Hop to the farm in 2014. Although traditionally used in the early 1920’s as a dual hop in bitters, stouts and porters, it has strong zesty aromas of oranges and lemons coming from its North American parentage making stunning notes for both IPA’s and Pale Ales. It has an alpha bittering range of 7-9%.


Our classic Challenger variety gives us an intense spicy, cedar effects and can be used for dynamic ‘hopy’ beers as well as traditional bitters. Often overlooked as an aroma hop, it has real dual purpose qualities and is found in many of the countries award winning beers time are time. It has an alpha bittering range of 6.5 to 9%.

The Challenger Hop

We sell all our varieties as Green Hops for dramatic hoppy seasonal Green Beers each harvest in August and September. These green hops retain viscous aromas usually lost in the drying process giving a new aspect to their dried counterparts. Contact us in advance to reserve your Green Hops, we will send them anywhere in the UK.

Green Hops

The most British of hop flavours. This heritage variety has been grown across Kent since the 1790’s. Specific aromas include smooth and delicate profiles with floral, lavender, spice, honey, earth, lemon and thyme overtones. If you are looking for classical flavours, look no further. It contains an alpha acid content of 4.5 to 6.5%.

Kent Golding's

Ernest is a heritage aroma hop with new world flavour profiles aptly named after Prof Ernest Salmon. It was selected at Wye College, Kent as a seedling under code OZ97a in 1923. It was in production on farm trials in 1957 and 1958 but it was considered not appropriate, due to its “strong, coarse, American aroma”. Funny how times change. We are the only growers in the South East.


In 1953, my Grandfather Walter Douglas, a volunteer to Wye Hops, took cuttings from a wild hop plant that had been growing up a Kent round oast house on our farm since the 1800’s.  After reviewing Professor Ernest Salmon at Wye Hops added it to the National Collection. It laid dormant until 2017 when by chance, we noticed it in a hand-written extract. Now rediscovered we are in the process of taking cuttings for propagation. Watch this space. Hukins Hop is coming….

The Hukins Hop