Brew Day Experience

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Interested in creating your own home brew beer but want to get a lesson from the best? Want to learn how we produce great British hops and take a look round the farm with a professional brewer?

Take part in a full tour day + brewing experience partnering with a head brewer! Come to Hukins Hops farm, visit the hops and learn how to do your first home brew with a professional! Best of all, take part in a beer tasting whilst your beer brews up!


    A lesson in how to create your own professional home brew  and a tour with a professional brewer.

    1-2 days (depending on requirements).  To find out more, get in touch with


    What do i need to bring?

    You need outdoor and indoor clothing, other than that just your mind and craft! We will provide everything for you

    How long is the brew day experience?

    The normal day is 10am to 4pm but this differs regularly as we will speak to you in advance learn about your or your friends/partners experience so we can tailor what you need. We can run these events over 2/3 days if you are thinking seriously about becoming a pro brewer!

    Who will teach me?

    You will be taught by a professional head brewer working in the craft hops and brewing industry. Get in touch for more info.

    Will I need to bring food and drinks?

    Don’t worry we have this covered